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Model: Support - Medium Date Purchased: May 2018

Rubbish bed

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 10, 2018, viewed 5838 times

Amart salespeople are just like many have described here - pushing this horrible brand, because they are probably on commission. They talk down the Sealy and push the Orthokinetic. The Orthokinetic is an overseas brand, probably Chinese, so that is an issue in itself. Bed felt good in the store, but you don't know a bed fully until you get it home and test it. This mattress is way too heavy for its own good, and it dips in the middle. Amart will tell you there is a 12-15 year and a 180 night return option - good luck with both of those options because that is a nightmare in itself. I figure Amart make a greater profit on these beds, but they really should only sell quality beds because customers will not come back if they buy a bad product.

Purchased at: Amart Furniture

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