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Date Purchased: Feb 2017

Love it!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 22, 2017, viewed 4704 times

I purchased my All in One cooker 4 days ago, and have already used it 3 times. I have never used a pressure cooker before, so I was very excited to get this. The first dish I made was the Chicken Tikka that is in the recipe book and it was brilliant! The family loved it and my husband went back for 2nds and 3rds. The chicken was melt in the mouth tender. The next day I baked the Apple Tea cake which turned out fantastic too. I have also steamed vegies, but will steam for less than specified time next time as it was over steamed, but less mess than steaming in a pot, and vegies had far more flavour.

This has been a great purchase and we are really happy with it. I love the fact that it's a slow cooker as well as a pressure cooker. It slow cooks better than the slow cooker I used to have. It's very easy to use and the dishes are yummy. I will be trying to convert my recipes to the pressure cooker and try this soon as well.

The only reason I have not given this 5 stars is because the silicon ring that goes inside the lid seems to retained the smell of the Chicken Tikka I cooked on the first day. I have tried washing, and soaking in warm water as instructed, I have even tried to clean with bicarb of soda and water mixture, but the silicone ring still smells like curry. However, the cake didn't smell or taste of curry when done. If it wasn't for the ring, I would have given 5 stars.

Other than that, I can't fault the cooker, it has been a great purchase.

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Hi there, This is very valuable information for us as well as our other customers planning to purchase this product. Your feedback is very much appreciated. Cool that you tried so many different r... read more »

I have now been using this cooker since I bought it in February. I still use it at least 4 times a week. I do most of my cooking in this now. I convert most "normal" recipes to presure cook them... read more »

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