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Preordered item late 2016. Item released. Multiple email enquiries from me so far ignored despite th

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My issue here is there has been no response to my emails for a transformers figure MP 36 which I fully paid for last year and was due for release in July according to their website. The weekly preorder posts on the website clearly says to email them for shipment and que estimates which I have done so many times but have not had ANY reply at all. I want to support Australian retailers but really the lack of customer service here is making me source my items overseas which I have received with absolutely no issue whatsoever. Please be wary of this retailer, this is the first time I have had to write a review of this negativity and I am disappointed that I have to do so for an Australian business. I will be taking this matter further with appropriate authorities if this is not resolved soon. I don't mind waiting for a preorder, that is fair, but when a date is published and the item is not sent, then communication with the buyer MUST happen.

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