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The incompetence of QBE is astounding. They obviously have a business model that involves deliberate and persistent stalling tactics in the hope that claimants will give up. Not going to happen. They send requests for further information to the wrong email address (deliberately I suspect). They send multiple requests for the same information, I have sent one document 3 times since my claim was lodged even though it was included in the initial claim. Every time they receive these documents your claim goes to the bottom of the pile again (10 business days). My partner claimed with her travel insurance company for the same incident and had her pay out within 3 weeks. I'm now up to about 7 weeks with no end in sight. If like me your insurance is via a platinum credit card I suggest making a complaint directly to your bank as I have. Seriously thinking about taking all my banking and mortgage elsewhere due to my poor service I have received from QBE.

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QBE Official

Hi Jeff, we're sorry to hear about your experience. We will PM you for some details and take a look into this ~BLS

Yeah nah. I'd prefer to let potential customers know how you deal with claims. Udate. Called today to check on progress of claim.They requested more information from medical professionals to see i... read more »

QBE Official

Hi Jeff, if you don't want to PM us, you can refer this to our Complaints team https://www.qbe.com/au/about/governance/complaints

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