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Disgusting and vaguely threatening call from ReadyFlowers employee

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After sending [name removed], an employee of Ready Flowers and relative of the CEO, emails about the ACCC filing and fraud report with my bank, I just received an incredibly unprofessional and verging on abusive call from her.
It is already unacceptable that the company is scamming people, but the harassment of customers who are not afraid to leave negative reviews of this despicable company online is indicative of their operating procedures.

Some stellar comments from [name removed]:
That a customer is 'taking the [word removed]' for filing reports against the company
That the name of the florist can not be given due to a) privacy reasons and b) the file about the delivery being corrupted
That any pursuit of compensation is a waste of time
That any negative reviews on the internet are totally untrue and not to be believed

There was the implication that customers are stupid for believing any negative reviews of the company i.e. "If I believed everything that was written about me on the internet, I'd be pregnant with testicular cancer". No representative of a company dealing with a customer complaint discusses genitals, theirs or anybody else's, during a professional conversation. Particularly one relating to something as serious as fraud.

Meanwhile, there has been no explanation of why the flowers weren't delivered or why my account was charged multiple times.

It is particularly concerning that [name removed] said they police can't touch her. A professional business, operating honestly, should not be telling customers they can't be pursued by the law. This adds a particularly sinister element to the whole interaction.

All I wanted was a simple flower delivery. It's not that hard.

I will not be withdrawing any complaints, despite this threatening phone call.

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