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Genuine Quality - From a Critic

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As an ex carpet cleaner and somewhat a clean freak I called multiple carpet cleaning companies with a list of questions looking for someone who I believed would deliver deep cleaning and quality results without rushing or leaving my carpets over wet.

I ended up choosing Red Rose Carpet Cleaning as they ticked all the boxed when I asked my initial questions over the phone. I wanted to be sure the person was NOT a contractor who had 5 or 6 jobs to do on the day which means I would get a rushed job... I wanted an owner who takes pride in his work and is not in a rush to get all his jobs done.

Previously I hired a carpet cleaner who took just 42 minutes where Red Rose carpet cleaning took an hour and 51 mins to clean the very same carpets in my apartment. The end result was very good.

Was I impressed? Almost. The only thing was that the cleaner was about 5 mins late. Having said that he did call me an hour earlier to let me know but other than that I can't fault him.

As an ex carpet cleaner I wanted to see what machinery they were using... They used quality truck mounted machines which were relatively new (this was definitely one of my requirements). As an ex carpet cleaner I understand there is a vast difference between not only a portable cleaner and a truck mount but even again between a truck mount and a larger and newer truck mount.

The cleaners vehicle was spotless and impressive to say the least which showed to me he takes pride in not only his work, also his vehicles appearance. The cleaner himself was dressed professionally, long dress pants, proper uniform for a shirt and dress shoes... Not shorts and sneakers as most do... This alone said to me I was hiring someone worthy.

I must admit Red Rose carpet cleaning did charge me more than most others but they didn't try any sneaky tricks to sell me any extras when they were in my home. They definitely stuck to their quote which was a rare thing when I was cleaning and according to the cleaner he said it's still very common.

My overall conclusion is:
I definitely recommend Red Rose carpet cleaning and please keep in mind if you are looking for a cheap quote you won't find it here. Having said that they were definitely not over the top rather very good value for money and a wise investment if you are looking for a genuine and good quality carpet cleaner.

+ Professional, quality workmanship, did not rush his work, knew his carpets, he vacumed, pre-sprayed, steam cleaned, rinsed my carpets properly and left my carpets looking and smelling fresh

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