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My new annual investment Sparkling Clean Carpets

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I love it when you get everything you hoped for. I have been having my daughter's cream carpet cleaned annually for five years. I talked to [name removed] at Red Rose about the problem of diminishing results, he assured me I would like the result and I did. From the start I felt confident that the job would be done to a high standard, in fact I rang and cancelled another booking when [name removed] returned my earlier call. Talking to him during the job I was reminded of a time when my husband and I had a cleaning business. [name removed] of Graham's Books was one of my clients, nearly every week he would spend a few minutes talking to me and getting my completely uninformed, at that time, opinion on business matters. Forty years later I am still benefiting from those conversations through businesses, investments, property transactions and my consultancy practice. When I was talking to [name removed] I had a deja vu that I was talking to someone who would be very successful in whatever enterprise he should choose. Don't wait too long to experience the exceptional service that comes with [name removed].

+ Great service and excellent results

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