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Impressive from Start to Finish

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Our kitchen renovation was put on the back burner for around 15 years as we had a number of kitchen renovators suggest a basic replacement of the existing cabinetry, mainly in the same format, followed by a price. Potentially we would end up with the same kitchen, only newer looking with cringe worthy price tag.
None provided a solution to our current kitchen chaos nor provide suggestions for improvement or even consider the look and feel to the overall house. So, we put it all on hold…

Rosemount Kitchens turned the whole process and experience upside down! From showroom to final adjustments, they provided solutions all the way. The initial on-site discussion and measure was about how we operated in the kitchen, how we entertained, family, how friends congregate around and in the kitchen (even if you don’t want them there!) and what were our biggest “Hates” and clutter and chaos issues. They discussed how to best use space and design to compliment the rest of the house yet make is all super functional. Back at the showroom, there was plenty of ideas, solutions and innovative concepts from pantry to cupboards. But if what you needed wasn’t there, it was designed and created for you.

The installation process was meticulously project managed with a progress schedule set up front so we knew what, when and how the installation was progressing. They have professional trades people all the way through, builders, plumbers, electricians all arriving on time on the right date.

Like any major renovation project, there can be some glitches, possible misinterpretations, or reality is different from the design drawings. If this happened the key stakeholders from Rosemount kitchens were on the door step in the morning. With many, if not most kitchen renovators, they will refer back to the drawings and measurement you signed off on (half the time you have no idea what you signed off on) and then the arguments would start and if it had to be changed, it was an additional variation cost to you! Not the case with Rosemount Kitchens. They listen to the issue, understand the issue, they appreciate the disruption and emotional consequences the client goes through and quickly arrive to the solution. They just fix it, as their only objective is to ensure the customer is 100% happy and satisfied. “We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are completely satisfied”. And they do, even if it means pulling out a cabinet and reinstalling a new one fit for purpose without additional variation costs. Sure, if you decide to add something not previously discussed or you decide to add additional lights or power points while the installation is in progress, they can immediately coordinate this with the tradespeople or if you prefer, deal with them directly.

Quality kitchen renovations are not cheap so there is always an element of anxiety when the project commences that you will end up with a great functional quality kitchen and value for money. This is what we got with Rosemount Kitchens. It has added value to the property and it really looks impressive and timeless. It is a pleasure to work in too. Huge bench space and easy opening/shutting drawers and everything has a place and a place for everything. We even look forward to unloading the dishwasher! All within the existing space from the old kitchen.
Highly recommend Rosemount Kitchens as you can be assured they will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

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