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Another bank not taking responsibility

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I ordered a meal from Eatnow and as my meal was cancelled by the restaurant with no explanation.

So when I rang Eatnow contact centre, I was told there would be a refund within 24-48 hours, 1-3 days and 7-10 days.

And when I rang Suncorp contact centre to confirm if they can see pending transaction of a refund, I was told they couldn't see any pending they didn't call it Transactions, even those I saw on the app it being called transaction and call it how I see it on the official Suncorp Android app, "Pending Transactions".

I was told after 15 minutes of not believing me, contact centre found the pending transaction but they claim because it was a holding money put aside, there was no refund and both money being taken out and put back cancel each other out and I won't see this on my statement as it wasn't a transaction.

So I ask Suncorp contact centre to contact Eatnow staff to tell them what you told me, it was a holding no refund.

But they refused to do this.

So who is right?

Eatnow claiming it is a refund?


Suncorp claiming it is a holding, no money was actually sent?

As customers are not responsible as they don't have control over the system controlling transactions.

PS In 2018, a new system through Reserve Bank transactions should take only 30 minutes, but Banks and Companies blaming each other for delays in Transactions like refund well be the same blame game.

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