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Verified Customer Connection Type: NBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

Great so far! Staff seems to care and gets back to you in no time.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 12, 2016, viewed 1948 times

I have changed from Telstra to Tangerine Telecom recently because with Telstra I had to deal with two major outages this year (more than a week downtime each time!). Both times I had to chase up Telstra and heard all kinds of lame excuses and it took me ages being connected from one person to another person. So far Tangerine Telecom staff really cared and came back to me in regards to e-mail enquiries in no time. One of their guys rang me yesterday to double-check if all is fine, never had this from Telstra. So well done Tangerine Telecom, I hope it stays this way :-)

Speed is similar to the previous speed I had with Telstra - ~23Mbps download and ~5Mbps upload. All good because that's what I ordered! However, I "think" only NBN would have an influence here anyway.

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