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Unreliable - Scam

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Booked one day before and required upfront payment. Thirty minutes before the scheduled pick up, a text message was sent to advise that a driver has not accepted the job and the options given was to cancel (refund takes 5 working days to process) or to reschedule the following day. Here is the problem: I pushed the car out of the garage as it does not start and is blocking a battleaxe driveway that I share with a neighbour. The neighbour's car is locked in. I cannot push the car uphill back into the garage. Out of desperation, I tried to push and ended up hurting my back. This company should NOT exist and if you encounter the same experience, lodge a complaint at the NSW Fair Trading. It is not just unreliable, but a SCAM when a booking and payment are accepted, and the service relies on whether the job will be accepted by a driver.

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