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Connection Type: ADSL/ADSL2+

2 stars because I feel sorry for the poor, ignorant, badly trained tele workers who have to face th

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I have had an ADSL connection with TPG for some time now and dread any problem where I have to contact them. I took up a promotional offer for my mobile phone with the assurance that "I could cancel at any time". I cancelled, stopped the direct debit, however because I still had landline and ADSL they debited me again, this time for the non promotional amount. They do not seem to understand customer service or customer's rights. Because they had no record of my cancellation 'phone call it was deemed to be my bad luck. I spoke with a supervisor who assures me that all is well but if I don't transfer my number IMMEDIATELY I will lose it. Also there is an administration charge of $11 to transfer the number which he patronisingly agreed to waive. If there was somewhere else to go I'd be there but I'm thinking that telcos are pretty much all the same level of predatory. If anyone knows of a company that does better, I'd be happy to hear about it.

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