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TID’s Intransigence

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 09, 2018, viewed 796 times

I have used TID twice in the past 2 years. This time I needed to change the dates and wasn’t able/allowed to as I had a pre-existing medical condition. This is stated in the PDS. The thing that really annoyed me was the intransigence and lack of flexibility shown given the changes in dates actually REDUCED the number of days of cover, thus reducing TID’s potential liability. To make it worse, by the time I wanted to make the changes, TID had issued a new PDS. In that PDS, if your pre-existing medical condition was not listed you CANNOT get cover with TID. Of course, you can apply for cover with a sister company at an exorbitant rate which I didn’t- I went with another company. I am very unhappy with TID’s rigidity- it was totally unnecessary. I’ll not be using TID or a related company for my future travel insurance needs.

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Travel Insurance Direct Official

Hi Kim,
I'm sorry to hear of your disappointing experience with TID.
We are always looking at ways of improving our product offering and insightful feedback like that helps.
Ash, Customer Experience Manager

Your patronising comment is NOT helpful. In fact it is an infuriating comment insincerely offered.

Travel Insurance Direct Official

Hi Kim, my apologies that was certainly not my intention. We genuinely do take customer feedback (both positive and negative) on board when reviewing our processes and products. I apologise again for any offence caused. Regards, Ash

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