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Great pram, really love it.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 10, 2012, viewed 278 times

This has been a great pram for us. This particular Valco has an extra large hood which is great for keeping the sun out of my baby's eyes, and for making a dark cozy compartment when he wants to have a sleep.

+ This pram has many great features. It is reversible, so my baby can face me or face out. It has decent storage underneath, and is narrow enough to squeeze through normal supermarket aisles. It also has a nice long handle for those of us with a long stride.

- I found it really tricky to collapse at first, but once you understand how the mechanism works its easy. Also you do require both hands to collapse it, so you can't hold your baby in one arm while collapsing the pram. Not good if you need to catch a bus somewhere.

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