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Sydney, Australia

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What happened to Vicks? New formula?

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 14, 2016, viewed 3991 times

I recently had a cold and bought some Vicks, as I know in the past it has a strong smell, it's effective and works really well when rubbed on the skin. WAS I DISAPPOINTED!!! What happened, did the formula change? BRING BACK THE OLD FORMULA. There was no zing smell, I kept checking the date, I thought it may of expired. And also due to a chest infection, I like to rub it on my chest and sleep at night. I kept laying it on my chest, it was not heating up. Eventually 10 minutes later a little of heat started up on my chest. WOW, I am so disappointed. I hope a competitive product is marketed against this product. Or Vicks quickly brings back the old formula.

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