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Only when it works - cheap plastic parts not worth price tag

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We were talked into buying this expensive machine from a family members experience with an older model. Bought at Godfrey's clearance sale at showgrounds.

Straight out of the box the "Powerbrush" engine broom was broken. We brought it back to Godfreys and they 'fixed' it, by pushing flimsy bits of plastic back into place, but it still did not work.

If the broom is removed, the machine makes the most horrible high pitched 'screeching' noise, and so the machine can't be used without the handle. I mentioned this when the machine was brought to Godfreys and nothing was done to fix it.

For 8 months we couldn't get the extra engine in the broom to work, despite pressing the little red button to restart it.

When the "Powerbrush" broom engine does decide to work, it switches on and off at random. All cord and curtains need to be kept out of the way as it will damage them and also switch itself off.

The connection on the top of the broom is flimsy and the head often 'comes off' when I'm using the broom. This means vacuuming takes A LOT longer, even in a small house.

It is a sub-standard vacuum to use on hard floors.

The advertised 'blow' function doesn't work.

+ when the engine in the head works and the parts fit together, it is great - so much dust in our carpets!

- cheaply made and completely unreliable - head falls off, catcher falls off, doesn't work 90% time

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