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Aldi Easy Home Garment Steamer

Latest review: The Aldi garment steamer is what everybody needs, if looking your best counts. This appliance takes no time to seam out creases and wrinkles of your clothes. If you don’t require a pressed crease t

ALDI Sticky Date Pudding

Latest review: I recently bought this new dessert from my local Aldi store and found the quality and flavour to be better than Sara Lee's equivelant. Aldi's version has a richer and more generous layer of sticky

ALDI Ceramic Tower

Latest review: Bought this from Aldi, and it's been a great unit. It has 2 heat settings with an adjustable thermostat. It also has a safety tip-over switch. The unit is rather compact and is great in a

Aldi Farmdale Fresh 2L Full Cream Milk

Latest review: This milk is exactly how you would expect full cream dairy milk to taste and feel. It's exactly like the premium brands but with a much more attractive price. They have excellent use-by dates, are

Aldi Wool Blend Pillow

Latest review: If you are looking for something that is soft but not too bouncy. Low but not too low. Then this is the pillow for you. I have been wasting so much money looking for a perfect pillow for me.... My

Aldi Halloumi Fries

Latest review: I got this new Aldi product as I love halloumi but the fries are soooooo yummy, I just put in the oven and 10 min later I was in

Aldi Tens Machine

Latest review: You have to pick the right mode and strength for the right injury. There are three modes: TENS, Massage, and EMS: * TENS is for pain relief. * Massage is for ??? * EMS is for muscle stimulation. I

Aldi 29er Performance Mountain Bike

Latest review: Another version of the Aldi 29-er is being sold this week, so here are my comments after a year of owning last year's model. The bike is easy to put together out of the box if you know your way

ALDI Mistral Thermo Cooker (Sep 2019)

Latest review: Great for baking and stews. Found it needed extra time for chopping onion and also the machine shook and rattled a little more than expected. Took 45min for rice to cook rather than 15min in my usual

ALDI Estelle Mattress In A Box

Latest review: The Posturepedic mattress was giving both my wife and I severe lower backache no matter our sleeping positions. Darling daughter raved about her new Tempur mattress but I could not justify the huge

Tandil (Aldi) Ultra Didshwashing Liquid

Latest review: I have used many detergents and was not happy until I tried this one. It was fantastic at getting the dirt and oil off without scrubbing. Aldi products are not

Has No (ALDI) Gluten Free

Latest review: Have tried most products Aldi stocks (gluten free products) from bread -noodles, flour,pancake,muffin,cakes mixes - all very tasty - baking items ie: muffins turn out quite large. Good range of

ALDI Tower Fan

Latest review: I am really happy with the fan, bought it yesterday for $59. I love the 3 modes it comes with, I like that it reads the room temperature and adjusts itself accordingly. Having a remote is really

ALDI Expressi Machine

Latest review: Excellent value for money. Coffee tastes great, smooth and not bitter at all. Very consistent taste and temperature, just wait a couple of minutes before making the next cup. Easy to clean. are very

ALDI Electric / Battery Lawn Mower

Latest review: I got one of seven mowers available that sold in one minute! Easy to unbox and assemble and I was surprised at how well the mower is built - with a pressed steel deck it is a lot heavier and more

ALDI Heated Throw

Latest review: There are 3 setting on my grey/silver throw rug. At first I didnt think it was working... l kept feeling the top of the throw rug for heat but when l lifted up the throw rug, l realised my chair was

Sani Pet Cat Litter Crystals

Latest review: We’ve been using this litter for years and found it to be the best on the market, however recently its no longer is as good as it use to be, it appears Aldi may have changed suppliers and u

ALDI Flame Effect

Latest review: I rushed into Aldi last Saturday evening and was lucky enough to find several Flame Effect fires still available. For some reason, there seems to be little demand for fake fires in south east Qld. I

Aldi Hiking Boots

Latest review: I usually purchase hiking boots every 4 or 5 years spending $140 plus. I purchased the ALDI hiking boots a month ago for $29-95. They are comfortable and very sturdy with a really good grip. I will

ALDI Unamat Dishwashing Liquid

Latest review: Have been using Unamat dishwashing liquid from Aldi for quite a while. It cuts the grease OK and leaves the dishes squeaky clean. At around a $1 a litre what is not to like. The problem is it lasts

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