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ALDI Expressi Machine

Latest review: After all the great reviews and a couple of friends recommending this machine, I finally bought one. I frequently drink coffee at cafes although I wouldnt consider myself a coffee connoisseur. But

ALDI Panel Heater

Latest review: Purchased this heater about 1-2 months ago from aldi for $69.99 because I liked its slimline design and thought it would fit perfectly into our small loungeroom with our decor .I tried it out when I


Latest review: I can not believe Aldi are now charging 0.5% for the use of an Eftpos card. this is disgusting and low act, and unfair especially to the elderly, who do not like to carry large amounts of cash. I

ALDI Electric Blanket

Latest review: It's ok but takes a long time to heat up. Better than being cold though! Price was reasonable but I will be buying a different brand soon. We have two in our household and same story. Slow to heat

ALDI Heated Throw

Latest review: I purchased an ALDI heated throw blanket. (31 May 2019) It said to put on temp 9 for 2 hrs for first use...and nothing it was still cold? Turned off & on tried different temps and times but still

Aldi Fabric Bed Frame

Latest review: Not long after purchasing this bed the side frame cracked and the middle footing broke and wouldn’t support the bed making it sag in the middle. The footing on one side constantly slipped underneath g

Expressi Milk Frother

Latest review: Baught this one and it broke within 6 months. Aldi didn't wsnt to replace without reciept, which who keeps them ? Disappointed. Its clearly a brand that only aldi sells.

ALDI 11 Fin Oil Column

Latest review: Takes a while to heat up the room and uses up quite a bit of electricity if I am to keep it on until it is sufficiently heated. Turns off automatically at times even when the timer is off. Don't know

ALDI Flame Effect

Latest review: I rushed into Aldi last Saturday evening and was lucky enough to find several Flame Effect fires still available. For some reason, there seems to be little demand for fake fires in south east Qld. I

Sani Pet Cat Litter Crystals

Latest review: We’ve been using this litter for years and found it to be the best on the market, however recently its no longer is as good as it use to be, it appears Aldi may have changed suppliers and u

Aldi Pet Couch Cover Protector

Latest review: I found drawbacks in The 3 Seater Pet Couch Cover Protector that I bought from Aldi. The fabric is flimsy and it doesn't stay in place. In the picture on the package the cover drapes generously in

Aldi 29er Performance Mountain Bike

Latest review: Initially wasn't too sure if I wanted to buy Aldi's bike... I was considering Trek Marlin / Dual Sports... but good specs at a very good price, I ended up buying one, its a decision I don't regret at

Aldi Flat Pack Cabinets

Latest review: I purchased this 2 months ago from Aldi and it was very easy to build, very straight forward. The quality is pretty decent and it is value for the

ALDI Front Load

Latest review: We purchased from aldi. Great machine. Large enough for our family of four. Quick wash cycle works well and I find it easy to use. I had a small issue with the machine and it was repaired in my home

Aldi Tens Machine

Latest review: I have been using the tens machine on mum for the past year and it definitely helps her back and shoulder pain. She uses it for 20 to 30 mins at a time on each area. Her physio is also happy for her

Diplomat Tea English Breakfast

Latest review: The Earl Grey is a life affirming concious expanding cup of existential possibilities. It's bold aromas and poinetly exentuated flavanoids are a delight to the palette and leave all other teas in its

ALDI Ceramic Tower

Latest review: Bought this from Aldi, and it's been a great unit. It has 2 heat settings with an adjustable thermostat. It also has a safety tip-over switch. The unit is rather compact and is great in a

Aldi Muller-Licht LED Light Bulb

Latest review: It was a 13w job and started flicking on and off one night like astrobe light. Turned it off because I was certain it was going to explode. Seemed alright the next day but after 15 minutes it started

Aldi Soft Close Toilet Seat

Latest review: Bought in the US: this toilet seat was a total waste of time. It is not a standard size, and the way it adjusts makes it either too long or too short for my standard 18.5 inch toilet bowl. Standard

ALDI Hot and Cool Tower Fan

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