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Amazon Echo Dot

Latest review: I have had an Amazon Echo Dot for about 2 weeks and it just went on sale shaving $20 off from the $55 RRP price tag, the price I paid for mine. Echo Dot (gen 3) is cheaper than the Echo Input at $49.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Latest review: I needed to replace my much loved but ancient Sony e-reader and as Sony no longer support their e-reader in Australia I looked at the Kindle. It is fabulous. It is small and light, easy to hold, very

Amazon Echo Input

Latest review: I have been a Google Home user for some time and recently joined the Amazon Alexa camp as well. Echo Input is the cheapest in the Amazon Alexa range which doesn't even sport a speaker. It completely

Kindle Oasis

Latest review: I bought the Oasis 2 after selling my old Oasis and to be honest, it's only marginally better. It's easy to use and light but the battery life isn't great if you're an avid reader like me. The

Foxtel iQ4

Latest review: We upgraded from IQ2 to IQ4 ,taking advantage of free upgrade offer from Telstra. Was a bit nervous because we had lots of probs with IQ3 and returned it to get our trusty IQ2 back previously. I have

Amazon Echo Plus

Latest review: It initially had a issues with listening which eventually sorted. But this is not as flexible as google home. When i ask to play songs, i need to specify in a particular format. For example - when i

Kindle Voyage

Latest review: I’ve had 4 Kindle Voyage E- Readers and in all cases the Battery Failed either during the warranty period, or just outside of it! So I’ve spent a fortune buying E - Books that I now cannot read unl

Amazon Prime Video

Latest review: Should have read the fine print and checked my bank statements. Bought a $30 item, 2 years later @ $84 per, noticed the sneaky $7.00 withdrawal from Amazon. Stupid me, hopefully I've cancelled it. I


Latest review: When things go wrong with Amazon/au/Edison's Direct they go really wrong. You should hang your head in shame. Paid for an item ages ago and never received same. Dealing with Amazon takes ages and

Foxtel iQ3

Latest review: Good for downloading, but hopeless at recording. Always having to reset the unit. Very disappointing to find all your favorite shows have failed to record after being away for a week. Have contacted


Latest review: In 2019 I cannot fathom how HD is not standard. One 4K channel that plays more repeats than new shows. If my daughter didn’t like watching the same cartoons multiple times I would have canceled long a

Foxtel Now

Latest review: Every time I turn on the Foxtel now box there is a phantom problem. Every. Single. Time. It’s the most expensive of all the TV package options by about 150% with around 800% less content. The Foxtel n