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Apple AirPods

Latest review: I listen to mostly songs with heavy bass and i gotta say it’s really good almost better than i expected. however these earbuds are not suitable for running depending on the shape of year you have but

Apple iPad (6th Generation)

Latest review: This iPad is seriously the greatest iPad I've ever used. It runs very smoothly on games that need to use a lot of RAM. Additionally, it is great for your daily needs, and Apple never fails to make me

Apple iPhone X

Latest review: Quick processing speeds and nice sleek design. High quality picture and the camera is fantastic. I would highly recommend this phone as you can connect the device to other

Apple Watch Series 3

Latest review: As an Apple user, an absolute beauty to the apple addition. Use it every day; battery life serves me well. Bluetooth compatible with BOSE wireless headphones, making every day tangle free. Records

Apple iPhone 8

Latest review: The camera has a good quality at any time of the day especially in the night, and the brightness can be set to a good level. I use this phone for my daily use such as playing games on it, and it runs

Apple iPhone 7

Latest review: Out of all the iPhones this is the best one before they started getting way to complex I loved mine havnt wanted to upgrade to anything else . 5 out of

Apple Store Australia

Latest review: I bought recently iphone but got an accidental screen demage. I visited on apple care site and check for the repair service. I checked that two free accidental demage repair in only 45$ of service

Apple TV

Latest review: There is a long standing issue whereby the iTunes TV shows and movies do not play. In fact, after complaining a number of times I’ve been given 4 different explanations, including one Apple genius w

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Latest review: As the title states, I must have gone through ten iPhones and not one has ever worked properly. My iPhone5 was a disaster and it was returned to Apple multiple times with multiple replacements. My

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch

Latest review: I received this product as a gift from a relative, and it has met all my needs. So far every electronic device that I own is Apple. Haven't had a problem with them. The features provided quality

Apple iPhone XS

Latest review: I have been using iPhones since they launched in Australia. I got the iPhone XS to replace my iPhone 8 Plus. I love that, while the XS has a bigger screen than the 8 Plus, it is a physically

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Latest review: Very easy to use. Large screen easy options and camera is clear. Perfect for playing games and texting and video calls. Apps upload easily and run without a problem. Perfect size phone for big

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 13-inch

Latest review: I bought this laptop after much research and deliberation. It was expensive but works like a pro. My only issue is that the battery life isn't fantastic, it will last me the whole day but can get

Apple Watch Series 4

Latest review: I’m very happy with this. A step up from series 3 with a much better speaker for phone communications. A larger face make viewing much more pleasurable and fantastic connectivity to other Apple d

Apple iPhone XS Max

Latest review: LITERALLY has the best camera, the depth in each picture is AMAZING. The color of the phone, the size, how it’s made, the display. EVERYTHING about this phone, I l

Apple iPhone XR

Latest review: This phone is so much fun to use. The camera and video are top notch quality. Make your own avatar and send fun text messages. Nice and slim to

Apple iPad (5th Generation)

Latest review: I love this iPad due to its flexibility on being so small and slim line, that I can take it anywhere with me. It’s so easy to slip into my hand bag or hold on my hand (in a case) and take to uni. It h

Apple iMac 21.5 inch

Latest review: I bought a brand new iMac 2017 a few months ago and it's 1TB SSD. I regret buying SSD instead of Fusion hard drive as it's too slow.. It takes more than 1 mins to start a computer when it's new and I

Apple iPad Pro (2nd Generation)

Latest review: The price is comparable to a top end laptop but the functionality is quite limited. A simple document upload function on a website can not be support by IOS. I'd say apple still have a long way to

Apple iPad mini 4

Latest review: I upgraded from an IPAD2 which was working perfectly after 2 years. I can't be happier than this. My wife absolutely enjoys using this device and doesn't detach it from herself. The quality of this

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