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Asko Appliances

Latest review: Purchased an ASKO oven 3 years ago with 5 year Warranty. On installation by Asko it was replaced due too noise in oven. Replacement again installed by ASKO within a week or so. this replacement has

Asko D5456SS / D5456WH

Latest review: This dishwasher did not work properly from Day 1. When we set it and went out it was still going 6 hours later when we got home, just kept resetting, cycle stopped after a few minutes and it would

Asko D5436

Latest review: Our last three dishwashers were all the same brand, but this time we switched to ASKO. It was highly recommended by my Mum and a friend who have each had theirs over 15 year. I was looking for

Asko D5424

Latest review: My asko is falling to pieces parts just break. All the plastic parts on the racks break. I always rinse the plates and actually it does wash well , it’s very noisy. The door handle fell off . My m

Asko W4086

Latest review: This machine has a wide range of settings to suit every type of clothing and includes the options of:- An extra rinse A cycle where you can select the total run time to fit your schedule, and it

Asko W6884 Eco

Latest review: Worked fine for a little while, then had a broken processor board (replaced under warranty) A little while later, the motor power unit literally blew up (big arc flash and everything) and that's

Asko W6564

Latest review: I love my washing machine. I have had it for about 5 years now and it has never let me down. I even brought a second one for home. It spins the clothes almost dry and i also love how the rubber ring

Asko W8844XL / W8844XL ECO

Latest review: Ah the Asko front loader. If ever a love hate relationship existed with a mechanical product this might be it. I want this machine to be great, I really do. Alas. It's a great machine. I purchased

Asko T754CHP

Latest review: It is not the quietest due to it being a heat pump however, I don't have mould or fluff in my laundry and my electricity bill seems to be the same in winter then in summer. It is still quieter than a

Asko OP8687

Latest review: After the oven that came with our house finally died we decided to look at a quality replacement. After looking at many different brands we settled on the ASKO. A range of different functions and

Asko T784CHP

Latest review: Purchased dryer in June 2013. I am having major issues with the dryer not drying and also bearing noises which are very loud. I thought this would last. I also purchased an Asko washing machine

Asko W2084C

Latest review: Wish I'd never bought it. After 30+ years of using front loaders, this is the first one that I regret buying. So far it has ruined 2 nearly new bras, two undie washing bags (to keep underwear safe)

Asko T753C / T754C

Latest review: We had an earlier model for years, fantastic. Gave to daughter. New model is so noisy & doesn’t get clothes hot, just warm & takes a long time. This has put me off Asko forever, but new model washer i

Asko D5646SS

Latest review: Works and cleans just ok - the layout is good so flexible for dishes etc placement. However, after 1 1/2 years the internal plastic parts are deteriorating about the same rate as the dishlex we

Asko DC7573 Cabinet

Latest review: The ASKO drying cabinet is so much better than a tumble dryer. It allows clothes and towles, sheets etc to dry without needing any ironing in most cases. I believe it is much more economical as

Asko HG1986AD / HG1986SD

Latest review: I bought this cooktop 3 months ago. After 1st use, I have stains that won't come off. On top of that the black colour on the grill has come off. Customer service did not get back for 2 months only

Asko OP8676S

Latest review: Bought the ASKO Craft OP8687ss a few months ago - I have not stopped cooking up a storm in this little beauty! I teamed it with a combi-microwave and use both appliances equally as much, esp when I'm

Asko T410HD

Latest review: Wow I dont know why I didn't buy this dryer earlier I put all of our wet clothes in the dryer so far hasn't shrunk a thing yet. It's easy to maintain takes no more then 5 minutes to clean the heat

Asko DBI654IB

Latest review: From purchase to delivery aindinstallationm was less than 36 hours, (whereas to have the old Asko Professional services was more than a week and who know how long to get a quote for the repairs)..So

Asko T884XLCHP

Latest review: Large dryer that cost $2500. Bought with Asko pro series washing machine. Built in to cupboards to match in brand new house. Installed once we moved in and used daily. Good for a while and now

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