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Cherub Baby 4 in 1 Infrared Digital Ear And Forehead

Latest review: I've purchased this device for my newborn 3 year ago and suddenly it became inaccurate that the temperature won't go above 36 degree. My son got fever and we rely on this thermometer reading until he

Cherub Baby Natriblend Steamer Blender CHSB001

Latest review: I am totally in love with this product. With very little to no effort, bub's food is ready. It isn't too complicated to use and the buttons are very straightforward. Storing and cleaning is also not

Cherub Baby Click 'n' Go Travel

Latest review: With all the travelling during the holidays the Click n Go Bottle Warmer has been an absolute life-saver! It’s so easy and quick to use, and we’ve been able to keep baby fed and satisfied while on the

Cherub Baby Colour Change Glass Wide Neck Bottle

Latest review: All this bottle does is leak- even when the 'anti colic valve' is facing up. When I shake the bottle when preparing the formula, it leaks EVERYWHERE I literally leave a trail of milk from the kitchen

Cherub Baby On the Go Baby Food Pouches

Latest review: These are great and practical baby food pouches. I did a lot of research before buying these pouches. They hold a good size baby meal portion and freeze homemade baby food well. I love the zipper

Cherub Baby Dummy

Latest review: Actual lifesaver! I can’t bet my baby to sit still long enough to take his temp via ear, underarm or forehead. This temp dummy is a genius idea! So accurate too! Never let me d

Cherub Baby Natripur ThermoSensor Breast Milk Bags

Latest review: a colleague gave this to me on my baby shower last year. my bub is now 6 months old and there hasn't been a day when I don't put this one to good use.the bags are alos reusable. I can sense that it

Cherub Baby Natritherm Car Bottle and Food Warmer

Latest review: I was surprised how well this works as I was underestimating it at first but after saving me so much time, effort and energy, I figured that I should stop belittling this product. I keep this in my

Cherub Baby Fresh Food Feeder

Latest review: I bought these fresh food feeders to help me start my 6 month old son on solid foods. I can’t believe how easy and fun they are. I started by using frozen breast milk cubes which my baby just loved c

Cherub Baby Food Pouch Spoons

Latest review: Very great idea for parents on the go. Super handy, easy to use, just screw on and squeeze out and feed to the baby. No mess no fuss and happy

Cherub Baby Glass Sippy Cups

Latest review: Just loving these glass sippy cups! I have two youngsters who can be quite a handful. To help keep them quiet I give them their favourite juice, each in their favourite sippy cup – a different colour

Cherub Baby Wide Neck Glass Straw Cup

Latest review: I’m in actual love with this cup! I love how it can be used from a bottle all the way to a sippy cup and it’s glass! My baby has only ever taken this bottle unless it’s boob !!

Reusable Freeze n Squeeze Ice Pop Pouches

Latest review: These ice pop pouches are easy to fill and clean, plus my whole family loves them. I’ve followed a couple of the Cherub Baby ice pop recipes from their web-site and my two young kids just love them. T

Cherub Baby Re-usable Food Storage Pouch 10PK Special Edition

Latest review: My go to! Weather I’m at home or out! Just so easy to give to bub with all sorts contained! I love making homemade food with knowing I can take it out in these pouches! Love the patterns too! It’s nev

Cherub Baby Universal Bottle Grippers

Latest review: I am always worrying about the glass bottles given to me as a gift in a baby shower. I just discovered this bottle grips and it removed my worries. The glass bottles have not been broken despite

Cherub Baby Natripur Breast Milk Bags

Latest review: I bough a pack of 20s of this milk bags and they are still being used after three months. The seals are still tough even after washing and sterilising.I have seen some markings erased but I don't

Cherub Baby Food Pouch Soft Spout

Latest review: I’m always out and about. These pouch spouts are perfect! So easy to feed bub when his hungry straight from the pouch. No mess or spoons needed! Perfect size for t

Cherub Baby Natriflow Manual

Latest review: it is not good with me because it is not strong enough to push the breast milk out of my breast. this is not one of the big companies and this breast pump is pretty cheap and maybe it is not strong

Cherub Baby Natribreathe Washable Nursing Pads

Latest review: After reading the good reviews, I decided to buy 3 packs (12) of these but I had the same experience as ifloss, they leaked and they got stuck to my nipples which was painful to take them off. I was

Cherub Digital Cover Free Ear

Latest review: Not a good product. When you need a thermonmeter you need to know that it is reliable, and this one is not. It is not easy to use and you can't trust the results. It claims to be accurate up to .2'C

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