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Gardenline (Aldi) Petrol Mower

Latest review: Bought the 196cc unit on 2 March 2019. Not too difficult to put together. Used it for the first time on 24 March. First problem was the front wheels kept digging in making it almost impossible to

GardenLine (Aldi) Petrol Blower

Latest review: I bought the petrol blower vac 25.4cc on 12/10/2018 from ALDI Kilburn in South Australia I haven't use it yet I called you several times but you ignored me I can't start the machine every time I

Gardenline (Aldi) 550W Electric

Latest review: Shears and trimmer can't be use. Battery not charging. I'm straight to point. After reading other's reviews.I see it's not just me. Need better be products. Bad, not

Gardenline (Aldi) Hand

Latest review: Bought the Aldibhand mower also same problem with a he handle we did manage the put in for all of 10 mins Resulting in it coming off in my hands I near fell because of it I would of taken it back

Gardenline (Aldi) Garden Bike Shed EBS2308

Latest review: spent almost the entire weekend assembling this product from poorly illustrated plans. 200 self drilling screws and multiple rivets. End result did not look like the illustrations on the box -

Gardenline(Aldi) Wicker Outdoor Shower SB1134

Latest review: The actual shower is great.The only problem I have is that it came with 6 extra parts and missed a couple that you needed.Along with that the Allen head bolts were too short to reach the securing nut

Gardenline (Aldi) Garden Storage Bench

Latest review: handy box overall, perfect for storing items. however when we opened the box, there were no instructions no warranty card, no wheels and a broken clip on rear. the box itself was easy to assemble

Gardenline (Aldi) Cape Cod Chair

Latest review: Great buy. Much much cheaper than others on market. Paint not thick but easy to touch up. Best for patio not in full weather. Would buy

Gardenline (Aldi) 7.2V Hedge Trimmer WWS-AGS72

Latest review: The hedge trimmer was a good find, I would recommend it for big burley men who have the upper arm strength to trim english box hedges for 2 hours, I'm a petite female. I found that lifting the

Gardenline (Aldi) Garden Spray Nozzle

Latest review: this about packages of seeds and as you do not stipulate them and you should, I am saying it on this product. I am thoroughly disgusted with the packages I purchased. maybe 12 seeds in the poppies

Gardenline (Aldi) 53cc Petrol

Gardenline (Aldi) Aluminium Patio Table with Timber Top and Chairs

Latest review: I purchased the table just over a year and a half ago and it started to look terrible after a couple of months. The aluminium legs are still OK but the top is warped and rough. I wish aldi would road

Gardenline (Aldi) Garden Sprinkler 3 Arm

Latest review: Summary: I don't recommend this Aldi sprinkler. Detail: This 3 arm sprinkler provides a circle pattern coverage to about 8-10m in diameter. It throws droplets as it rotates rather than a form of