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Hisense Series 6 P6

Latest review: I called and reported problems with a TV recently purchased. I spent more than 15 minutes on checking TV's function multiple times once no buttons on remote or TV set working. They say I need to be

Smeg ECF01

Latest review: It appears that we may have to return our machine. Every time we try to froth milk, steam comes out but then hot water spurts our intermittently, this means we end up with horrible watery coffee

Hisense P7 Series

Latest review: Good value with great colour and a industry leading warranty of three years in home service. Relatively easy to set up. Features Uled 4K and HDR plus. Time will tell but at the moment could not be

Hisense HR6FDFF630S

Latest review: Excellent product wonderful very nice cooling is excellent love love love great no problem at all very good quality best fridge i ever had ever brought no regret every

Hisense HR6TFF Series

Latest review: The fridge functions really well for the price. No issues with it yet. Looks good and has enough space for a family of two or three depending on use. Overall happy with the

Hisense HR6BMFF435 / HR6BMFF520

Latest review: I loved the design and functions of the fridge freezer until the fridge section suddenly stoped working at only 3.5 years since purchased and used in clean stable environment. Hisense original

Hisense Series 4 P4

Latest review: When the tv works it’s great, has everything you need at a good price but my tv would randomly lose my wifi connection and then not reconnect after I typed in my wifi password it kept saying password

Smeg TRA90

Latest review: Not only is this oven good to look at in the kitchen, but works amazingly. Great size oven that fits large trays (which are included). Very easy to use. Cleans well with a warm cloth. Oven works so

Smeg DWA6314X / DWA6314W / DWA6314B

Latest review: We had a problem with a 3yr old unit and through these reviews the Nat Service Manager had the anomaly rectified within days. Been perfect since and one of the more quiet machines we've had. Thanks


Latest review: Just garbage, no other way to put it really, just a garbage tv system all around. My Hisense TV is just rubbish, save your money, do not buy it. All the software and the TV itself is second rate. DO

Smeg TSF02

Latest review: since original post Smeg have sent replacements for both the kettle amd toaster. I am still sceptical as to whether the issues will happen again with the replacements but I am happy with the prompt

Hisense HR6CF146 / HR6CF206 / HR6CF307

Latest review: The only brand I know of which has a "fault" light which proved handy. You won't find it in the manual at all but it actually means that the refrigeration unit is struggling to keep the chest to the

Smeg C9GM Series

Latest review: Built a new house and went SMEG throughout the kitchen and starting to regret it. Thought this monster would be great for cooking, but we end up using the smaller steam oven instead. Uneven cooking

Hisense 32M2160

Latest review: Bought this T.V. for the bedroom. Only comes with Quick Set Up Guide. The User Manual you need to download from the internet and much to my dismay, has very little information regarding the operation

Hisense HR6CDFF695

Latest review: I have loved everything about my Black Glass French Door Fridge from the minute I saw it at JB Hi Fi. It has always been complemented of our stylish it looks but sadly something broke down in the

Smeg Retro Style FAB32

Latest review: Stunning fridge freezer but very disappointed in quality and function. The internal doors in the freezer broke within the first year. I have had constant issues with temperature control despite

Hisense Series X

Latest review: Initial setup is very simple. However, out of the box, digital 1080p and better content looks amazing but broadcast (free to air TV) at 576i (several channels) was really pixelated especially where

Smeg TSF01

Latest review: Brilliant same day attention from the service team attending to a minor technical repair under warranty. These toasters are great quality and stylish Thanks SMEG service team. bill w

Smeg DWAU6315X

Latest review: This is my second time owning a dishwasher and thought they should do pretty much the same job, boy was I wrong. My first dishwasher was a Samsung and it was great! This Smeg washer does not dry

Hisense HR6BMFF514SW

Latest review: Ok so I am editing this review as my initial review was very harsh based on a bad experience. Since then we have a replacement which is working just fine so far... the water dispenser is a refill,

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