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Hyundai Kona

Latest review: Our 2011 i30 was getting a little tired and the dealer had a 2018 Kona demonstrator at the end of February 2018 for around $3000 less and only 53 km on the clock. We went for a test drive and were

Hyundai Accent

Latest review: I drive it! Transporting all number of goodies from wide screen TVs to tables and chairs, antiques that are rare and all sorts of fare. Five days could go by until I use my Hyundai. Fixed five yearly

Hyundai i30

Latest review: I purchased the car in 2013. I was concerned about a smaller car after having had a Magna sedan and a Ford wagon (work car). I need not have worried. It is the best car I have ever had. I love it. It

Hyundai Tucson

Latest review: I love the design of the car. It has the high end look about it without the price tag! I find it nice to drive & it’s good to be up a bit higher whilst driving so you can see the upcoming traffic a

Hyundai Elantra

Latest review: Don’t drive the car as much as I want to as when you get in it you just want to take off for a great long drive . Plenty of power .Very fuel efficient. Its had its second service and found no issues

Hyundai Santa Fe

Latest review: We upgraded our five year old Hyundai Santa Fe to the new 2019 Highlander 2.2 Diesel three weeks ago and we love it, even more than we fell in love with our first Santa Fe. It has all the safety

Land Rover Discovery

Latest review: 2017 disco 5 less than 28,000 Kilometres. At the top of an endless list of issues that the car has been back in for repair is Major oil leaks(rear main seal, timing plug loose, timing cover leaking ,

Hyundai Sonata

Latest review: I purchased this car new in early 2016. Within 6 months I had to bring it in to the local Hyundai Service Centre as the in-car display stopped working. They ended up replacing it with a new display

Land Rover Range Rover

Latest review: Fantastic car love it can go anywhere bush bashing or to the snow its comfortable and has the power when you need it. The wife commutes the kids to school and sports in it without an issue, as it can

Hyundai iMax TQ-W

Latest review: We are very satisfied. It’s cheaper than other companies. We drove from GC to Brisbane & back. All went smoothly. The staffs are all helpful & friendly. We will use them a

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Latest review: Always drive smooth and no extra cost to run this sort of valuable car. I always been enjoying while this luxury car.normal regular service, driving on everyday bases. Be confident while you buy this

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Latest review: Commuting on the freeway and visiting clients. I bought it because it should be safe Twice a week. Never socially and seldom at weekends Serviced to manufacturers requirements as per the

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Latest review: I've had my Disco Sport since 2017, purchased through Trivett Parramatta. This is our family car and my wife and I are always battling it out over who gets to drive. My kids tell me they prefer this

Hyundai iLoad TQ-V (2008-Present)

Latest review: I am freaking out. I have read all of these reviews, mostly negative and costing a fortune for new motors etc-$13-17K! Even when the vans have been serviced as per the log book by Hyundai!! I believe

Hyundai HY2000Si

Latest review: Unit out of warranty but has not done many hours running. Requires a new inlet valve for engine. Hyundai cannot supply, you have to buy a complete engine - spend $550 plus for the sake of a $20 part.

Land Rover Range Rover Velar L560

Latest review: I purchased a Range Rover Velar and a Land Rover Discovery this year. The velar media interface looks amazing but lacks practicality. if you want to use it, you will still need to pick up your phone

Hyundai IONIQ AE.2