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Kambrook SwiftSteam KSS20

Latest review: This little steamer is such a gem. So quick and is ready to use in no time. Works well on all materials. I dont even iron anymore. I Definitely recommend

Kambrook KCE95

Latest review: Heats quickly for small rooms. Use it for motor home as well. Very efficient for the size. Great value for money. Option for isolation is good as it distributes the heat well. Easy to use and

Kambrook KOH105 / KOH107 / KOH111

Latest review: This came with the unit I rent. Heats up a 3.5 x 7 mt room easily. I would definitely recommend it. I have arthritis that is worse in the cold. This heater is perfect. The timer is a great

Kambrook KCE340

Latest review: Bought this from good guys two months ago,works well heats up quick.not fancy but moderate looking.draw back is the display & beeper it's very bright at night and the beeper too noisy for a

Kambrook Pressure Express

Latest review: Used a pressure cooker for years most used kitchen appliance in our house. Lately the timer starts after coming up to pressure, but goes backwards instead of going towards off it goes backwards to

Kambrook Air Chef KAF200

Latest review: I have had the Kambrook Air chef for over a year. So far so good, except we made the mistake of not removing the fry basket from the drawer before shaking the food about for more even heat

Kambrook Meal Master Mini KRC300BSS

Latest review: We bought this to cook for a baby but the nonestick layer started peeling off even after 4x uses. Heating element seems to also be misaligned as it always burns rice on just one side in the bottom.

Kambrook Soup 2 Simple KBL620BSS

Latest review: This makes amazing soups and I have made many versions of soup and some following recipes and some through trails of left over veges in my refridgarator. It's has three major modes to make the soups

Kambrook Aquarius BPA Free KAK60

Latest review: As eventually happens with plastic electric kettles, my previous kettle was deteriorating and pretty much at the end of its working life, and in September 2017 I went shopping for a replacement at a

Kambrook KKE760CLR

Latest review: It does the work but you would have expected a clear glass kettle that looks shiny and nice but in fact once you have done your first run you will notice the steam and water drop do not come off the

Kambrook BZB427WHT

Latest review: This is a very efficient blanket. It is energy efficient, keeps me warm and cosy in winter. I do not need to have the heater on all the time and just use the blanket to warm up my bed before going to

Kambrook Essentials Direct Drive KFP400

Latest review: This machine is quite capable for cooking for our family and saves a lot of time slicing vegetables. It is fairly easy to clean and it has quite a large capacity. We did have trouble with the slicing

Kambrook KFH660

Latest review: This replaced a 15 year old Kambrook Heater. I use this in the bathroom to stop the mirror fogging and warm the room. Only have to turn on for a few minuted before to warm the area. I like the

Kambrook Rice Express KRC5 / KRC8

Latest review: I used the kambrook rice express 5 cup 3 times. It died before the end of the 3rd cook. What a waste of money. I will not buy another kambrook product

Kambrook Captiv12V

Latest review: I got this vacuum cleaner so I wouldn't have to take the big vacuum cleaner out to my car all the time. It took a few hours to be charged (green light on), took it out to my car and started. I found

Kambrook Stainless 6L KSC110 / KSC120

Latest review: I am used to using a slow cooker so there were no real surprises. This cooker is slightly larger than my previous one and so the cooking times vary a little, no problems here and on the whole I am

Kambrook KCE240

Latest review: I guess if Kambrook spent a little extra money on the heater rather than the fancy box we would have something a little better on the shelf, not just cheap plastic crap. Where are all the heaters

Kambrook Pressure Express Digital Multi Cooker KPR820BSS

Latest review: When and if it seals it cooks amazing very to use and clean. Simple easy features easy to read. Very simple to clean like non stick service. Seal has been a constant issue so bit disappointed

Kambrook KCE75

Latest review: Omits a strange odor when on. A friend has had one for months, I noticed it smelled strange and thought maybe it was only theirs. I bought a new one, I noticed even before turning it on it had that

Kambrook Essentials KSC320

Latest review: i use my pot at least weekly. just take out the ceramic dish and wash ready . only 3 settings off low high easy peasey. remember no water a bit of mustard on top of a chunk off uncooked corned beef

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