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Logitech H390

Latest review: I do not have computer speakers so I use this headset almost every day. It is constantly going on and off my head and shows little sign of deterioration. I just take it for granted that it will work

Logitech G27

Latest review: When my Ferrari force feedback wheel became incompatible with Windows7 I was forced to look into buying a new racing wheel for my driving games I play on my PC. After researching a number of

Logitech BLOK

Latest review: I love this case a lot. Great protection for dropping and scratches. The best of all it is light and slim, unlike other thick drop proof case. The cover material is dust free and water resistant. The

LG 49SJ8000T

Latest review: I transitioned to this, having lost the TIVO service in NZ and am naive to the abilities of a Smart TV. My basic requirements apart from the norm were "Pause Live TV", ability to Record, and ability

Logitech G703

Latest review: PROS - Comfortable: great fit in the hand, the weight is perfect for me. - Customisable: all buttons can be reassigned with macros or keystrokes. - Responsive: honestly couldn't even tell it didn't

Logitech F710

Latest review: Works instantly out of the box on Android and Windows 10. Excellent weight and balance plus high quality feeling buttons and triggers. Ergonomics equal to the other 2 big wireless

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse

Latest review: The five buttons (including the mousewheel) are all easy to press, and every little movement of the mouse is precise with zero lag. Adjustable DPI is customisable to meet all of your gaming needs,

Logitech G512

Latest review: I purchased this keyboard a few days ago to replace my aging Logtech G105 keyboard of 7+ years. The Aluminium finish on the product feels good and the RGB lighting is extremely customisable using

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760

Latest review: The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 is the best investment I made this year. I had it for 3 months now and it's amazing. Looks great, feels great when typing and the best of all - it has SOLAR

Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105

Latest review: Got it at MSY for $48 or so. Keys are responsive and give decent feedback for a membrane keyboard. Some have said that they provide the best feel, behind a mechanical keyboard and the keypress is

Logitech K380

Latest review: I bought this to use for typing messages etc. on my LG G6 phone. I had a different model Logitech Bluetooth keyboard before that, but the keys started to fail, despite being well looked after, so

Logitech Driving Force GT

Latest review: Overall the quality of the wheel in relation to it's price is very good. If you are new to sim racing and cannot afford $300+ on the expensive wheels such as the g27 or fanatec wheels - then go get

Logitech G102

Latest review: I bought this a couple weeks back since I had to replace my previous one. I had trouble finding a mouse that fits my palm well. After looking around and reading reviews online, I ordered a G102 since

LG Dual Screen V50 ThinkQ

Latest review: Love how it has 2 screens. I can watch YouTube on one screen while texting or checking emails on the other screen. The phone is easy to use. Photos are so clear. Its unlocked so I can travel anywhere

Logitech S150 USB Stereo Speakers

Latest review: I bought two pairs of these speakers and we are still using them after a few years of use on two separate laptops. They were cheap under $20 and especially good in smaller spaces or on smaller desks

LG 32LH570D

Latest review: I got told that the LG brand is rubbish but we bought an LG TV anyway as the picture looked much better than many other high priced TV's and we are very happy with it, Would recommend LG products to

Logitech Stereo Speakers Z120 Computer Speakers

Latest review: I was after a simple set of speakers for my desktop, just to be able to watch some TED clips and making some skype calls. Gotten this for $20 from target, usb powered, small, was totally expecting

LG OLED E7T Series

Latest review: Oled Smart TV fantastic viewing, well priced and has all the feature you could ask for. Easy and fast operating system. Remote control is sturdy with brushed stainless steel face. Nice light function

LG GF-B590 (594L, French Door)

Latest review: Quiet beautifully designed fridge. Both externally and internally. The illumination inside is very good. Operation is quiet. Plastic drawers etc well placed and dimensioned. As the fridge width is

LG 332L with Door Cooling

Latest review: Slick, beautiful design. I find myself staring at it, transfixed, for minutes at a time. This is happening so often that my girlfriend is starting to become jealous. Consistently cold in all

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