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Maton CW80 Series

Latest review: I bought my Maton CW80/6 in 1972. I had been playing since I was 8, and had a classical nylon string Vincenzo Salamone. Nice but I wanted to have a guitar that I could play current music. I trawled

Maton Guitars

Latest review: So my first touch with a Maton was back in 2000, an EM225c from the local music store. I sat down, played some chords (newbie guitarist at the time) and oh wow - the tone sent chills... Beautiful

Maton JB4

Latest review: I was lucky enough to get a gig as bass player after many years on guitar. Took my time and checked out many basses. Settled on the JB4 with flat wound strings. Dimarzio PJ pickups. Beautifully

Maton MS500

Latest review: Bought one off Ebay for $700 a few years ago. Great instrument with same Gibson Les Paul scale length, but way lighter. Switch between single coil thwack (think Mark Knopfler, Clapton) and

Akita Buffet

Latest review: This buffet was one of the first additions I got for my house and everyone that comes to visit simply loves it. Adding some decoration on top with nice frames ,lamp, etc it easily becomes a Wow

Maton BB1200 / BB1200 DLX / BB1200 JH

Latest review: I’ve been playing for 30+ years and this is the nicest all round guitar I’ve EVER played, beats all the famous branded USA made guitars I have had (and in some cases still have). Great set up out of t

Maton Messiah / 12 Series

Latest review: Hi, I read the review here while I was waiting for my Messiah, but I really think it deserves a higher than 4/5 rating overall, this guitar is pretty close to perfect for 12 string configurations!

Maton Mini Maton Series

Latest review: The EM6 I have is a beautifully made solid wood mini guitar. The acoustics are great, better than I expected they were going to be. The tone is very impressive for this small bodied guitar. It's

Maton 225 Series

Latest review: Some of these older Matons are truly great guitars. The nut and the saddle were originally plastic and are worth replacing, once you've got bone, the guitar becomes about 20% louder, clearer and the

Amart Furniture

Latest review: Purchased a queen bedroom suite, it was delivered a week later. Put the suite together, noticed staple marks all over the tall boy and side dressers, scuff marks, dents. Called Amart Oxley to raise