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Commonwealth Bank Pensioner Security

Latest review: I've had a Pensioner Security Account with the Commonwealth Bank for 5 years now. I couldn't be happier. It is easy to use, & no shortage of ATMs around the country for me to access my money. The

NAB Term Deposit

Latest review: It is very easy to get a treasury rate for larger term deposits, I just rang the NAB 131312 number, (apparently you have to ring after 11am for treasury rates) , the operator puts you on hold, they

Commonwealth Bank Low Rate

Latest review: Easy application and good online app and internet banking using NetBank. Back then got this card when they're offering $300 cashback after $1000 purchase, which is a pretty good deal. One of the

Commonwealth Bank Essential Super

Latest review: I rolled over my super to commonwealth becase it was doing terrible elsewhere and they gave me clear options of what would be best for me well explaind easy to understand and it works fine for me

NAB Smart Junior Saver

Latest review: I opened this account for my child when Money Magazine were offering a special $50 voucher for new accounts. While the interest is not huge, it is a good way to have an account for a child that is

NAB Qantas Rewards Signature

Latest review: We have had our NAB Qantas Premium card for the last few years and love earning Qantas points to help fund some of our holidays. We have access to this credit cad through our Mortgage so I can't

Commonwealth Bank Diamond Awards

Latest review: I got the Diamond Awards Mastercard and American Express. Both cards were offered as a package for the same fee. The AMEX provided an opportunity to get more points, and was the primary card we

NAB Travel Insurance

Latest review: Set out more than 12 months ago to cruise only around part of Australia and Tasmania.Became ill and was off loaded in Adelaide.The medical claim was large because Norwegian Line charged $5000.00 for

Commonwealth Bank Debit MasterCard

Latest review: I worked out, this was better for me than paying for credit. Commonwealth website makes it easy to check transactions any time. Payments can be set for specific dates. It’s simple to use and ensure y

Commonwealth Bank Low Fee

Latest review: I have used this card since June 2015. I never used it overseas but I did use to buy items from international vendors. It's super easy to transfer credit from my savings account to this credit card

Commonwealth Bank Awards

Latest review: I have had a Commonwealth Bank Awards Credit Card for over 6 years. It has been very easy to use within Australia and also overseas. I have used it multiple times overseas and never had any issues.

Commonwealth Bank Low Rate Gold

Latest review: I got this card so the bank pays for my expenses with day to day living. I put my salary into my offset which is nice. Then just before I accrue interest I pay it off from my mortgage offset account

NAB Gold Banking

Latest review: Do not use your Nab gold visa debit card overseas the fees are ridiculous not only charged a conversion rate fee but also a massive other fee from the NAB All for the pleasure of using my own money a

NAB Low Rate

Latest review: I have been enjoying using this card for about four now. It is a reliable service and the app provides simplest form of selections to activate the card for overseas use. I have transferred money from

Commonwealth Bank YouthSaver

Latest review: When my son turns 18, the bank does not notify that he's no longer entitled to interest in the account. We have no idea and only realised no interest paid for the last 18 months when the statements

Commonwealth Bank Mortgage Interest Saver

Latest review: The CBA MISA account is the worst offset account I have ever used. It's not 100% transactional - you cannot direct debit from this account and every single time you make a withdrawal it has to be

Commonwealth Bank Platinum Awards

Latest review: I have this card for approximately 10 years. What started as great opportunity to recoup all annual fees and charges thru reward system now seem to be taken pretty bad turn. 1. The concept of

Commonwealth Transaction Accounts

Latest review: This account is ok but if you don't get the deposits of $2000 it a little disappointing we get charged for being loyal to the

Commonwealth Bank NetBank Saver

Latest review: Over a period of 9 months Commbank have Continually changed my Interest Rate without notifying me as per the terms set out in there product disclosure! Ive Been loyal to this bank for 38 years But

Commonwealth Bank Term Deposit

Latest review: Even after taking in documentation to prove that my father is dying, the bank will not allow him access to his term deposit account. Vietnam veteran who has been a loyal customer to commonwealth bank

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