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Sheridan Amy Coverlet

Latest review: This Amy Coverlet is just gorgeous. It wasn't cheap but well worth the money. It fits the bed very welland looks so pretty and cosy, just makes you want to have it on a grown ups bed too. It does fit

Sheridan Ultimate Dream Bed Topper

Latest review: I bought this topper rather than replacing a new mattress which was a bit too firm for my liking . Best decision ever. This topper has made my bed so comfortable and gives me a lovely nights sleep.

Sheridan 700TC Lexington Quilt Cover Set

Latest review: This item looks stunning on my bed. Adds a touch of class to any room. When ironed, it is extremely soft and sumptuous to the touch. Sadly, like most 100% cotton products, it does need ironing as

Sheridan Millennia

Latest review: These sheets are terrible! I cannot believe how bad the quality is compared to Millennia sheets I purchased years ago. When I bought Millennia 1200TC in 2009 I was very happy with my purchase, soft

Sheridan 1000tc Hotel Luxury Sheet Set

Latest review: These sheets were amazing in the first year- smooth, soft and heavy- just like a hotel!\ It seems that over time, they have started to pill and get a bit fuzzy...despite following care

Deco Rug

Latest review: Thank you so much to John and the team at Helensvale. This is the second house you have done for us and can not fault. Johns professionalism and friendliness set him apart from his competitors, and

Sheridan Deluxe Dream

Latest review: These pillows are amazing. They feel like I am sleeping on a cloud that is wrapping around me. Great price

Sheridan Deluxe Dream Quilt

Latest review: After putting up with a wool doona for about 12 years (which I purchased thinking it was hypoallergentic which it wasn't) I wanted to find a light-weight, fluffy, hypo replacement and this one is a

Sheridan Deluxe Wool Underlay

Latest review: As other reviews have noted, the underlay (Kingsize) gathers to oneside of the bed. Tried changing sides in case I'd put it on incorrectly but same thing. Stitching along seem of underlay with

Sheridan Luxury Retreat Towel

Latest review: There is nothing luxury about these towels! After washing they are limp, thin and don't absorb water. Absolute waste of money, once upon a time Sheridan were a quality product, not any

Sheridan Austyn Towel

Latest review: I bought these to go with my new apartment. I have a black theme and I liked the weave which is different to regular towelling. I told my Indian colleagues that I bought a set of Sheridan towels.


Latest review: I spent over $300 at the sheridan online store during their sale a month ago and i had encountered the worst customer service. I was advised by a post tracking app that I should have received two

Sheridan Flannelette Bed Sheets

Latest review: Bought 2 sets of flannelette sheets from Sheridan in store. Was told by staff member how wonderful they were, best sellers in fact. I spent more than I normally would as I thought these were superior

Sheridan Caffery

Latest review: I just purchased a Sheridan Newmark sheet set. Smelled of petrol when I took them out, so I washed them once. Still smelt. Washed them again. Still smelt. How toxic - I am not sleeping on them.

Sheridan Classic Percale

Latest review: The moment I opened this set of sheets I knew something was very wrong. The blurb on the packet still claims these sheets are 'smooth against the skin' and 'how amazing they feel against your

Sheridan Malvern Decorative Classic

Sheridan SuperKing Fitted Sheet

Sheridan Kashmir

Sheridan Bahia Sheets

Sheridan Costa Rica