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Sleeping Duck Mattress

Latest review: Very comfortable, we love our mattress. I don't feel my husband moving around and he hasn't snored since we started using it. I highly recommend this bed, inexpensive and

LG NeoChef MS4296

Latest review: Bought this microwave during goodguys ebay sale. Great machine. When finished cooking music is played instead of a ding sound. But easy to leave finger print on the control panel. Because it is piano

LG UK6540 Series

Latest review: The wifi constantly drops out and shows in Stan & Netflix etc stop playing. Can barely get through one movie or show without it dropping out once or twice. Then you go into settings and try to

LG GS-L668

Latest review: I purchased a new fridge from LG hoping it would be lifetime investment. My dream only lasted 11 months. Notices it started making noise, made a first call to LG on the 2nd of May. Tech came to

LG WTG8520

Latest review: This washing machine is quiet and it’s huge! There’s so much more room without the agitator. Highly recommended. I bought this a month ago when my old machine broke. It has been a fantastic machine a

LG GB-450

Latest review: As we moved into a new apartment, there is not very wide place to put double door fridge so this beast become one of the best candidates. Why? Big inside!!! By comparing to other brands in the market

LG CordZero A9

Latest review: Shocked by some of the below reviews. I have had absolutely no problems with my vacuum and have been using it multiple times a week for 6 months. The build quality is good but handle it right because

LG QuadWash

Latest review: Now I should probably start by saying that I am a bit of an LG fan. I absolutely love all of my LG products, so when it come to buying a Dishwasher, it was a no brainer. On installing the

LG UK7550 Series

Latest review: So, I decided to buy this TV after I had the headache of dealing with a Seiki (Check my review profile out) TV decided to just go for a better brand of TV. When we went to the store I checked out

LG NeoChef MS2596

Latest review: I love the sleek minimal black design and the fact that it isn't covered in buttons. It's super fast in heating up food and plays a nice little jingle at the end which reminds me of Super Mario.

LG OLED C7T Series

Latest review: Love this tv, you won’t enjoy watching other tvs. The images are sharp and colours super clear. We use it for Netflix and as a smart tv. Bought the tv based on reviews and have t been d


Latest review: It maintains the fridge temperature very well and all the foods especially the vegetables and green leafs are remaining very fresh. I really like the two doors in the freezer and I can store the


Latest review: I fell in love with front loaders after using our last LG which eventually needed replacing last year. This direct inverter does such a poor job of washing clothes that I have to run every wash on

LG GS-B680

Latest review: 6months ago purchased fridge/ freezer combo. Within 2 weeks of purchase complained of soggy limp rotting vegetables, cheeses going mouldy and water icicles on frozen foods. Said nothing wrong with

LG GT-442

Latest review: I only had it delivered yesterday from The Good Guys .Delivery and removal of old Fisher & Pakyle was quick. My old fridge was at the time of purchasing the largest I could but back then I had a


Latest review: I used to love this machine but 1 year in, nothing but trouble. LG know there is a problem with the screws popping out of a part and at one year this happened, they replaced them with bigger screws,


Latest review: I personally love this machine. its super easy to work with and i am really happy for buying this. one of the good things about this machine is its capacity which i really

LG OLED B8 Series

Latest review: Can't stress enough how good this tv is. The picture quality is incredible, the remote is fantastic, the apps are easy to use. It doesn't get overly hot. It was also fairly easy to set up - though

LG SK80 Series

Latest review: Easy set up, easy remote and a fantastic screen.. Netflix and Apple TV are so clear, excellent power consumption. Net integration is simple and it has all the features I wanted. The connection is

LG UK6500 Series

Latest review: First tv I have bought for 10 years. replacement for theatre projector. Great picture and no fan noise, hooked up to my surround sound and just like being at the movies without the

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