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LG 515L with Door Cooling

Latest review: The fridge works fine and has plenty of shelf room. I purchased it on line (from local shop) based on the specs, next time I will go to the retailer and have a good look. The things I don't like

LG GS-B680 (687L, Side by Side)

Latest review: I have now had this fridge for three years and it has performed pretty well all this time but a few things are a bit annoying. The outside of the fridge appears to dent easily, its very thin. This

Victa 82V Rapid Trimmer 1696788

Latest review: I have owned several whipper snippers and have been regularly frustrated at their unreliable starting. However this cordless beauty is superbly quiet, is powerful enough for any job around our half

LG UJ634T Series

Latest review: Amazing TV from LG. 65 inches of spectacular quality. It is a smart TV that has so many different features. Can record, playback and there are so many apps that can be downloaded. The quality of the

LG NeoChef MS4296

Latest review: I purchased this microwave in hopes that it would last me a long time, Let me tell you I will have this microwave for the next 10 years ! (according to the 10 year parts warranty) The microwave

LG NeoChef MS2596

Latest review: Best microwave I have ever owned! User friendly push the button and go! previous microwaves had information overload and I was often confused and frustrated but no longer with LG NeoChef one push of

LG GT-442

Latest review: Have had this fridge for a couple of years. No complaints as far as temperature is concerned - it seems to keep a reasonable temp in all compartments, temp is easy to change if needed. The main thing

LG GS-D665 (665L, Side by Side)

Latest review: You know when a month after purchase you still feel great about your new appliance, well that’s how I feel about this fridge. It’s a great size, it’s quiet, great temperature, easy to use ice and wate

LG V20

Latest review: I have this phone neearly a year now, never have big issue with it. I like the 2nd screen on the top, software OS automatic update few times, did not have any issues. I have dropped it from pocket

LG SK Series

Latest review: Purchased this Soundbar for our second TV located in the lounge room. It was exceedingly simple and quick to install and delivers very good tone and volume. Overall, a good entry level product that

LG DP132

Latest review: Not bad for a cheapie player. Like my movies but not fussed about having the latest and greatest, just so long as I can watch them and the picture quality and sound is good. This does that so I'm


Latest review: Really good one, nice design with perfect size for my kitchen. Glass and inside easy to clean. heating and defrost real quick and keep the ingredients fresh as much as I

LG OLED B8 Series

Latest review: This TV is a massive upgrade from an older HD LCD. The OLED screen looks incredible, with completely black blacks and rich, crisp images. It even looks like an upgrade when viewing non-hidef video -

LG OLED C8 Series

Latest review: Ok so I might be a little overly impressed as my last TV was an Aldi's tiny thing from 6yrs ago (which was a great TV by the way!), but after using this TV for quite some time I must say it really is

LG V30+

Latest review: Bought this phone for $399 from recent JB Hifi sale to replace Moto g4 plus. Used a month now and very happy with it. The OLED screen is brilliant, 128GB is plenty of storage. Battery last more than

LG UK7550 Series

Latest review: A great choice in 55 size TVs. Super UHD picture quality, Voice Control Remote option, beautiful design, Netflix key on remote and wifi connectivity are some of the main features to enjoy


Latest review: I have bought this washing machine for two months and this washing machine works very well. But I cannot put this washing machine on the wifi so I cannot start it if I am


Latest review: Bought this for $219 at Officeworks a couple weeks ago. Performance is inferior to flagships (S8 or Iphone 8) but can't complain for its price, I put a 64gig sd card in there and it works great. It


Latest review: I've had a LG G2 since 2014 & am only upgrading because I have run out of space & I can't add any. I checked out many You tube reviews and decided on a G6 as opposed to Samsung S8. It is solidly

LG CordZero A9

Latest review: Absolutely love this item, so easy to use, just click on, click off different heads. The main head I use is the wash and vacuum. I have large areas with hard wood flooring this item makes that task

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