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Philips All-In-One Cooker HD2137/72

Latest review: Good, and I use very frequently, but a steam basket insert would be great, not so happy with pressure cooker side of it, so much slower then my old pressure cookers and don't like the lingering

Volkswagen Golf

Latest review: Our VW Golf Wagon drove mostly fine for 6 years but then started coughing and spluttering so we took it to our local mechanic. He advised there are problems with the compression system and that to

Philips Digital Turbostar HD9643/17

Latest review: It is good product and save the oil, it makes healthy life style for my family and it cooks better as well, now I can fry the chicken wings quicker and

Volkswagen Transporter

Latest review: Van is powerful, great to drive, cruises very well and is massive inside. Been setup as a full camper and is awesome for that reason, one of the only vans this size where you don’t have to get out of

Philips Avance Collection Airfryer

Latest review: This is prefect for all types family easy to use and clean, prefect for all types food you can make everything no need to start oven and waist time, I love

Philips Viva Collection Air Fryer

Latest review: I love this machine, it cooks everything perfectly and I would be lost without it. However - I am really disappointed with the quality of the Dial system... the numbers (timing numbers) have rubbed

Volkswagen Amarok 2H (2011-Present)

Latest review: Bought a demo Amarok and have had it for about a month. Interior and appointments are great, but the engine is really quite gutless and fusses about through the gears. Economy is good though larger

Philips Steam & Go GC362/80

Latest review: I bought this steamer to rid creases on my blockout curtains. Steamer was very easy to use and heats up really quick (less than 45sec) Did the job relatively well - had to do 3-4 passes on

Volkswagen Tiguan

Latest review: What a huge disappointment, I purchased the 2018 Tiguan Highline 140TDI with all the packs and sunroof brand new! The fuel efficiency of this diesel vehicle is well below what Volkswagen say it

Philips Viva Collection Food Processor

Latest review: The box clearly advertises a bowl size of 2.1 litres. The website description did the same. If you're buying a food processor that advertises 2.1 litres, you would think that is the capacity but oh

Volkswagen Polo

Latest review: great handling, fuel economy and overall quality. Highly recommend to everyone. Drive the car everyday to work and weekends. Great sound system. I am a older driver and have had many cars in my life.

Philips Azur Elite GC5031/20

Latest review: My low cost Breville SS2010 manual iron died from 2010 on the weekend. Thought I will do the right thing and buy a good quality iron for my wife to shorten the time she needs to iron my shirt and

Volkswagen Passat

Latest review: I use this Passat R-line sedan for work and for private use. It is very comfortable but most of all, very economical. I can get a 1000 km out of a tank of petrol. I love the luxury package, the

Philips PowerPro Compact Bagless

Latest review: This machine worked fine until the cylinder had to be emptied - the machine consistantly thereafter would work for a few seconds then loose all suction. It’s a cheap and nasty product and ironically t

Philips HR2357/06

Latest review: I have just used this pasta maker. I usually make pasta by hand but this thing..... amazing! Just amazing! No more kneading, rolling and cutting. Never again! Follow the directions exactly. I weigh

Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP

Latest review: Have had this a month. Has developed a loud whirring noise when I inhale. "Heated" tube has wet condensation in a 68 degree hotel room. Looked for similar reviews and found one mentioning overfill of

Philips Premium All-In-One Cooker HD2178/72

Latest review: This is the BEST appliance I own - in fact - I liked it so much I've got a second!! I am also a TM owner and the TM is now a very expensive dust collector :( If I'd known about the All In One

Philips Daily Collection HD9216/81

Latest review: Bought our Phillips Daily Airfryer at Big W Westfield Geelong recently. Fantastic for heating chips, grandies party pies, fish fingers and the like. Our favourite is southern crumbed chicken

Volkswagen Touareg

Latest review: Originally purchased to tow a pop top caravan. Now primary transport. Tows the van effortlessly. Because the car was already some 9 years old when originally purchased second hand and 220 k k's I

Volkswagen Caddy

Latest review: We purchased the VW Caddy Maxi Life new in 2011 for the safety, economy, low emissions, solid quality build, versatility of the 7 seats and different configurations for large cargo space. It has

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