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Homebrand Prewash Stain Remover Trigger

Latest review: Ive used many different types of pre wash stain removers since having a 2 year old and 1 year old and this is just as good as the more expensive types. Ive even found it to lift blood stains without

HomeBrand Skin Repair Cream

Latest review: I discovered this cream with my flatmate about 10 years ago. We still love it. It’s especially good for my Hand Dermatitis. I usually apply it on my body so I’m not sure if it’s good to apply on the f

Woolworths Free From Gluten Pizza Flavoured Crackers

Latest review: Definitely better than the leading non-gluten-free brand’s pizza snacks. These aren’t only gluten free, but dairy free, vegan and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, or those nas

Woolworths Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Latest review: Woolworths to an excellent brand of a fruity fragrant olive oil that has excellent colour, keeps well, and tastes delicious. Excellent both in cooking and on bread and salad, in place of butter if

Homebrand Soaker Nappy Treatment Plus

Latest review: The key ingredient here is Sodium Percarbonate. Check the label. When I worked in a tannery we used commercial quantities of this chemical to remove skin discolorations from animal hides. It's the

Homebrand Regular / Lemon Bleach

Latest review: It's a $1.19 from Woolworths. Works fine. Smells like bleach. Works like bleach. Is bleach. I use it to disinfect my sink once a week. I haven't used it on mold yet, but someone in the reviews says

Woolworths Once Upon A Time Nappies

Latest review: I found these nappies when my son was 18mths old and wish i found them earlier. Such great value and often on special gir $18 a box. I buy walkers and probably been using these for almost a year for

Woolworths Malty Crunchies

Latest review: These cereals are on my shopping list every week. The family choice. They are similar to a brand available overseas and were extremely popular. An excellent move Selling them

HomeBrand Nappies

Latest review: These nappies are great and are of good quality for home brands They are great in price at $10 i buy these and have had no problems my opinion they are better than the dearer brands which this

Homebrand Cream Sorbolene

Latest review: I have been using this cream for many years especially doing my teenage years. I have quite sensitive skin but I think my skin has adapted to this product and I cant live without it. I use it

Strike Mould Killer

Latest review: I applied the mould killer on my shower tiles. I had previously applied soaps and other products using scours and brushes but could not get those persistent stains. One application of the mould

Woolworths Chicken BLT Roll With Avocado & Mayo

Latest review: New variety of pre-packed sandwich. Very tasty although bacon lost crispness by being with lettuce and tomatoes and no time of preparation given. Did not see or taste dill supposedly included in

HomeBrand Crawler

Latest review: Always was using Coles comfy bots these are just the same great value for good quality nappies and they are also the same price as the Coles comfy bots no leaks even with a full nappy no nappy rash

HomeBrand Glass Cleaner

Latest review: Leaves no streaks cheap and does a good job.better than others in my opinion. Easy to use ,but it try it.good product.would recommended. I buy it always.hope it helps.try

Woolworths Select Contour Fit Nappies

Latest review: These are the best value nappies i have tried! Im not sure what others complained about but i have found these to be perfect for my little one. They fit good on her, the tabs havent broken and we

Woolworths Select Shine Super Concentrate

Latest review: I've been using Shine dishwashing liquid since the beginning of this year. It washes my dishes well, & plenty of suds from just a small squeeze. The problem I'm finding though is, because the liquid

Woolworths Select Peanuts Roasted and Salted

Latest review: The Macadamias used to be great. Some months ago the packaging changed and they're now labelled Australian Macadamias. They're packed in NZ. Lowsy carbon footprint too. Now they're stale and woody.

Woolworths Select Comfort Fit

Latest review: I purchased these for the first time to try but they only just fit my son when other brands in this size fit him with plenty of room so really not happy with this will be the first and last time i

Woolworths Select Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

Latest review: I found this to be very creamy..and very tasty. It's a reasonable vanilla flavour and I found it hard to stop once I had a spoonful, it's dangerously addictive. It has a nice crunch with toffee

HomeBrand Cottonlined Rubber

Latest review: Years ago, Woolworth "Homebrand" Rubber Gloves can be last for months, later the life of this brand gloves keeping shorter and shorter, now they can only last for a couple of weeks, the rubber start

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