Hi Kathy,

Yes, you're able to purchase your travel insurance with 1Cover. By the sounds of it, our annual domestic policy may be the best suited to meet your needs?

Our annual policy gives you the same coverage as our comprehensive international and domestic plans, meaning you get full coverage for less. Each individual trip can be up to 90 days long. However, please note that this policy is only available for customers under the age of 64 (you need to be 64 or under when you purchase your policy). If you're over 65 years, don't worry we can still cover you on a single trip basis. If that's the case, I'd be happy to chat with you further to see which policy would be best suited to meet your needs.

As you've noted above, things can change! That's why we include cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits. If your pre-paid travel arrangements are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances neither expected nor intended by you, and which are outside your control, such as; sickness, injuries, strikes, collisions, retrenchment and natural disasters, you will be covered.

For example, if your pre-paid helicopter trip is cancelled due to dangerous weather (fingers crossed that doesn't happen), then you may have provision to claim. Similarly, if you have to cancel a flight to Melbourne, for example, because you or husband fall unexpectedly ill, you will have provision to claim for the cost of those flights providing the illness has not arisen from a preexisting medical condition.

However, please be aware that we do not cover medical expenses in Australia. Only medicare and private health insurers are licensed to provide cover for medical expenses.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly at communications@1cover.com.au. Alternatively, If you require any additional help in organising the policy that's right for you, our Sydney Call Centre team are really helpful (and super-friendly). You can reach them on 1300 192 021 - from 8am - 8am

Also, if you wish to book your annual policy online, here is the link to the relevant page: https://www.1cover.com.au/annual-travel-insurance/

We hope you have a great time on your trip!

Kind regards,
Kieran at 1Cover.