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Date Purchased: Mar 2017

Barista style coffee, anytime anywhere

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 29, 2017

I finally got around to buying an Aeropress after hearing a radio interview on ABC Melbourne radio in 2016. The Australian from Canberra was the World barista champion of 2016, he was asked what coffee machine he prefers . The answer was the Aeropress. He convinced me.
I purchased it online recently It was on sale. I cannot believe how easy it is to use. Best of all I can take it camping.

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Date Purchased: Dec 2016

Best gift I've ever received

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 16, 2017

So simple. With freshly ground beans this produces a fantastic cup of coffee, and you can get a wide range of coffee out of this thing if you vary the grind size, extraction time, and temperature.
Great for making cold brew coffee in as well.
Just buy one, they're amazing

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Feb 2016

Such an excellent tool

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 10, 2016

This is a simple device that is easy to use, extremely easy to clean and makes fantastic, tasty coffee that I like more than most cafe espressos. Just use with water that is 95 degrees or cooler.

I would also suggest swapping in a reusable filter so you don't have to buy replacement paper ones which go to landfill.

Aerobie are a great company making smart products.

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Main "machine"

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 02, 2016

Bought this and haven't looked back. I have a long black and haven't made one near as good on my previous espresso machine. For the money or even much more expensive nothing comes nearly close to the quality this puts out. Haven't had a bad coffee yet. I grind my own beans which does make a difference also. Don't buy it if you want a nice looking coffee machine sitting on your bench to show off. Buy it if you want them to like your coffee instead.

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Verified Purchase

Pretty good coffee, but uses way more grounds

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 06, 2015

When my Expressi (Aldi) machine started leaking my guilt at all the capsules I was putting into landfill kicked in so I bought one of these to replace it. Makes quite nice coffee and very easy to use, though I do miss the crema - impossible without pressure. Most noticeable thing though is how much coffee it goes through, my old manual espresso machine used 7 grams of coffee per shot, the scoop which comes with the Aeropress is 16 grams (and I find I need one heaped scoop per cup). At $30/kg for mid-quality coffee, that's 48c per cup for Aeropress compared to 21c per cup in an espresso machine (or 37c per cup for Expressi capsule).

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Soldiers Point

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Best thing since sliced bread

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 05, 2015

Actually it's a lot better than sliced bread and should win a design award. Compact, clean and efficient, the coffee from this little device is way better than the pod machines and can be adapted to suit any taste. I've owned it for just over two years (06/06/2016) and had no problem with any of the parts.

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Easy to use, great coffee and eco-friendly

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 30, 2014

I've had one of these for years - bought on the recommendation of a barista friend. It makes great coffee that you can vary to your own taste, is super easy to clean up (push grounds into the compost or bin and rinse), is portable and needs no power.
The coffee from these is so good that many "coffee snob" cafes in Melbourne are now offering Aeropress-made coffee as an option.

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Absolutely Amazing, I use it every day!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 09, 2014

I was visiting my local coffee store every day until I purchased my Aero Press! It is amazing, I have saved so much money not buying take away coffee. My coffee always tastes amazing, it's super quick and easy to clean up. Much better than any of the pod machines i have used in the past.

+ Cheap, Environmentally friendly, Delicious Coffee

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Bathurst, New South Wales

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Well Worth The Money For a Great Coffee.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 30, 2013

Forget about all those pod machines you see advertised. This device is so simple to use, and it makes the best coffee you'll ever taste from a home gadget. I suggest using the "Inverted" method that others talk about as it infuses the coffee. This simple device makes fresh coffee the way you want it, just like getting it from a barista.

+ Reliable, Easy To Clean, Inexpensive.

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Design genius

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 25, 2013

This is a brilliant coffee maker that is a perfect example of functional design. Sure, it's not glamorous, it was designed by an engineer I suspect, but it works - no electricity, no complicated cleaning, and hands down the best coffee I have ever had. It is compact so you can take it anywhere - work, camping, and it costs something like 20% of the cost of a nespressso machine. That's win-win in my book! I've had mine for 7 years and counting.

+ Brilliant design, needs no electricity.

- My only gripe is that it is never going to break, so I have no excuse to go back and buy another! ;-)

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Makes delicious smooth coffee quickly and without any bitterness.

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 09, 2012

This may seem like a gadget thats too good to be true but its not. For the cost of around $50 it makes the pretty much the best coffee I have ever had at home.
I've tried the Nespresso Machine, Various Dripolators, French Press machines, Aldi's Espressi and expensive Italian Espresso Machines.
The Aeropress makes better coffee than all of them with the possible exception of the Italian Jura.
However, for the cost of the Jura you could buy a hundred Aeropresses.

This thing makes a cup of coffee real quick as its such a simple process. J
ust put you coffee in, fill it with hot water and press. In a few seconds you will have a delightful and very clean cup of coffee. No grounds get through the filter paper.

Cleaning takes but a few seconds and it will make enough coffee for a few cups in one go if you want
Its also a boon to travel with as its compact and weighs very little.
The only thing on it which may wear out is the rubber ring that forms the seal of the presser but for the cost of the aeropress you cant complain.

Other than the coffee the only thing you have to buy is the filter papers but they can be used again if you want. They are about $6 for 350 depending on where you get them

This has become my favourite kitchen appliance.

+ I pretty much like everything about this. Its cheap, its works incredibly well and is easy to clean

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Sooo much better than the coffee machine, as coffee taste way way better

So what coffee grinder to use with this?

Questions & Answers

Can someone please explain the advantages of this over a regular old glass plunger?

ebonflow asked on Feb 15, 2017

Answer this

I've used both and find the aeropress quicker to brew, quicker to empty and clean and it uses a finer filter - you can buy after market options for different fineness (I use the Able fine stainless steel).

Also it's plastic so lighter and less breakable.

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