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Breville The Oracle BES980
Latest review: We are very satisfied with the recent purchase of "The Oracle Touch". It's been an amazing experience so far. Extremely happy with the service provided by Breville's customer care service. An

The Little Guy Home Barista Kit
Latest review: The best coffee I’ve ever had plus reliable plus I enjoy the process of making the coffee. Great job on the milk. Looks classy in the kitchen. I definitely recommend getting the induction cooktop as t

Breville Barista Express
Latest review: Recieved as a gift, after the initial fussy learning process of the grind/ tamp, it made fab espresso, however after 8 months, it stopped heating, my customer warranty person was very helpful &

Sunbeam Barista Max EM5300
Latest review: First off I want to say I have had many espresso machines , both manual, full auto and Pod, and this is the best machine I have ever owned. It makes a terrific cup of coffee, I have mine as a

Breville Dual Boiler with Smart Grinder BES920 / BCG820
Latest review: The 920 is a good machine. Good coffee. When you go to descale it, when you search for info, make sure you’re aware of what generation software your machine has. I didn’t know there were dif

Sunbeam Mini Barista EM4300
Latest review: This is a great machine,it got a great coffee making score from Choice magazine. I have had it now for 6 months 2 -3 perfect coffees a day, and then it stopped working , I got straight on to Sunbeam

DeLonghi Dedica
Latest review: Easy to use espresso machine with double and single shot attachments. Produces a good quality coffee. And milk frother works well though needs cleaning after each use. Overall easy to clean and

Sunbeam Cafe Series Espresso EM7000
Latest review: I just made a coffee and thought holy smokes I can't believe this thing is still making great coffee after 4+ years. Pair this up with a good grinder (its crucial to grind your own beans for good

Rancilio Silvia
Latest review: We are VERY happy with this machine. It has outlived the previous machines we had and produces better coffee than any of them. We thoroughly recommend it. The weakness of most other similarly or

Gaggia Classic
Latest review: This is the worst espresso machine I've ever used. It leaks from everywhere. I can't fit anything larger than a little espresso cup under the filter. The milk frother is shallow, awkward and

Breville The Oracle Touch BES990
Latest review: After 2 Nespresso pod machines, thought it was time to move on to a better coffee experience. Did loads of research and notwithstanding the price tag opted for the oracle touch. Have now had it for 3

Breville Dynamic Duo BEP920
Latest review: I am not a typical coffee drinker and I only drink iced coffee. My partner loves her coffee but only hot and in latte form. This is our first coffee espresso machine. Beforehand, my partner had a pod

Sunbeam Cafe Barista EM5000
Latest review: Makes great coffee - espresso, latte, cappuccino. Automatic coffee machine with a milk container. Quick and efficient, we are very happy with the purchase as our old coffee machine broken. Coffee

Aerobie Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker
Latest review: The lip on the chamber should have been TAPERED to enable the plunger to slide effortlessly into the top part of the chamber. It is a bit of a fiddle forcing the plunger over that sharp ridge. That

Nescafe Red Mug
Latest review: This product is amazing! Frothy coffee just the way i like it and whats more it only takes two minutes to make! Easy to clean, easy to maintain and quite

Breville Duo-Temp Pro BES810BSS
Latest review: We bought two of these machines about 8 months ago to replace our broken Breville Dual Boiler, one for home and one for the office. They have PID controlled temperature, so they make consistently

Rocket Espresso Giotto
Latest review: I love using my coffee machine, the coffee is always smooth, I use my machine everyday sometimes it's on all day it hasn't let me down yet, the pressure is awesome the milk always turns out how I

Smeg ECF01
Latest review: I’m a big fan of the machine, I think it makes excellent coffee time and time again. I have a decent non-SMEG grinder though so that probably helps. I agree with some of the comments about the milk s

Breville Infuser BES840
Latest review: This machine makes good coffee and is easy to use. However, the lifespan of the machine is poor. This is my second Breville coffee machine I have purchased - both times they just stop working after

Sunbeam Piccolo Espresso EM2800
Latest review: Had this machine for six years and hasn’t missed a beat. Makes excellent espresso and froths milk very well. Provided fresh quality beans are used and you have a good idea how to make a barista q

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