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Model: 21e Date Purchased: Dec 2015

OMG - This is living!!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 17, 2017

You don't know you have lived until you purchase a hot water system with remote temperature controller units.

Firstly the house we bought back in 2015 had a 10L/pm unit in, can't remember the brand but they are common as muck and the hot water trickles out.

Going from 10L/pm to 21 was like a dam busting open full of hot water.

We bought our unit 2nd hand from a demolition recovery yard for $200 and it has worked flawlessly in the 18months we have owned it.

I went out and bought 2 remote temp control pads and fitted to the bathroom a
nd kitchen @ around $70ea off ebay. There is nothing better being able to step into the bathroom and turn up or down the temp based on how you are feeling and then just turn the hot water tap on and the water is streaming out everytime at the temp you selected.

It also makes it very safe for kids in the bath coz you don't have to mess around wondering if the bath is too hot or cold for them.

Another function is bath fill where you can set how many litres dispenses before it cuts off automatically, good for those feeding time hectic times of night when you are multi-tasking you can turn the tap on and walk away.

The only CON with this and I suppose all new units are they a factory preset to MAX temp of 50oc to prevent scalding which is good, but when it comes to cottons in the washing machine you need 60oc + and 50oc is too cool for the laundry and melting grease off pans in the kitchen.

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Model: 21e Date Purchased: Jun 2010

not a right answer

3 out of 5, reviewed on May 10, 2017

as I said my 21e problem was, when I opened cold water the system turned on, finally I found the right answer, because I did bathroom renovation there was some air on the pipe and the air pressure on the new pipes caused the system turned on even when I opened the cold water tap.
solution: easy, open the new taps connected to the new pipes and let the air leave pipes, and then every thing back to normal.


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Model: 21e Date Purchased: Apr 2012

Design flaws that product support don't know how to fix

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 08, 2017

I can reinforce comments by at least one other poster on here where their unit failed to fire on cold/wet/windy morning - basically when you need it most. This started happening to me almost without fail just out of warranty.

I first used one of the recommended service providers on the Bosch website who adjusted some levels on the unit, and by that time it was probably dry enough to work anyways. Next cold morning it fails again, so I call him back, but he doesn't know what else to do. So I call Bosch who then say its better to call one of t
heir warranty repairers rather than a service provider detailed on their own website. They end up doing a minor fix. Which again doesn't work the next cold day. Call them up again and they change the gas valve thinking that is the problem. By now i've spent basically as much on repairs as the unit originally cost. Although it came into Spring/Summer then, so I figured it was fixed. Come Winter next year it wasn't.

I had my suspicions Bosch had literally no clue how to fix it, and ended up going to Bunnings spending $5 and fixing it myself. ($2.50 of that was for a sausage sizzle). Kind of wish i'd done that in the first place as it would have saved me a ton of cash. And for two winters my fix has been rock solid. Touch wood.

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Model: 21e Date Purchased: Mar 2002

Not overly impressed

2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 23, 2017

Have always had temperature fluctuations. Just renovated the bathrooms and found a lot better. Unfortunately the plumber then made us install a pressure reducer at the main tap. Flow restrictors have been removed from the tapware and still shocking. Now worse than ever. Fortunately we don't live in a cold climate.

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Model: 17e Date Purchased: Jun 2014

Very good,no problems to date,own two.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 13, 2017

17e has been great! One unit supplying hot water to a food van,another ,domestic supply.
Both units will take some effort to restart should they continue to be used on an empty cylinder.
The restart usually takes 5 minutes with some switching on and off of the power supply.
Best to try and avoid the run-out situation. Simple cylinder changing does not effect units.
Both units 2 plus years old.

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adelaide s.a.

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Model: 21e Date Purchased: May 2010

Complete Rubbish. Do not buy one

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 05, 2017

Hi, We have had nothing but trouble from this E21 hot water service in the whole time we have had it & has cost us a fortune in plumbers in the 10 years also. Our son who has just left home to move into his own home & has bought a RHEEM and has not had to buy a controller as we did which made no difference to our BOSCH & he is happy as Larry. Do not buy one. kerr5y

June 13th 2017 Update: Hot water

We are very pleased to see the end of our 21e Bosch hot. Water system it was a rusty heap of junk. The system was illegally installed by
the bosh installer and it was however nice to see the back of it. If you don't want a rotten shower then don't buy a bosch they really are the worst..

June 14th 2017 Update: Hot water

We had the Bosch for about 7 years and in that time, it was nothing but trouble nothing but cost us money. I would not be able to recommend a bosch to anybody. It finished up going rusty. On the inside and then would not work we now have a Rheem and we are very very happy.


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Hi if you do own a Bosch high flow hot water system and. You are. Having. Trouble your gas regulated is. Over 10. Years old it may be a problem p>.


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Model: 26e Date Purchased: Oct 2016

Bosch Hot Water 26 Continuous Flow unit.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 27, 2016

The Bosch 26Lt Continuous Flow unit is a very reliable Hot Water unit which my parents bought one and they are very happy with the unit. I had one in my previous place and I'm going to get one next month. I would recommend the Bosch Hot Water unit 100% they are a very good hot water units.

Purchased at: Tradelink

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Model: 26e Date Purchased: Mar 2013


2 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 01, 2016

I purchased Bosch for its name for reliability and not by price and when I first installed this product it ran without any issues for about 14 months, then it would shut down and not supply water hot or cold. I found pressing the resett button inside it would function again for anywhere between 1 to 3 months. Then it started to fail on a more frequent basis untill finally it would not reset at all. With nothing to lose I disconnected it from the mains, unplugged all the connectors one by one and sprayed with contact cleaner (not normal CRC but CRC Lectraclean 2018) and worked them in and out to clean them before plugging them back together.
I reconnected the power pressed reset and the unit functioned again without fault for about 6 months, when it failed again, at this point I repeated the proceedure and we are at month 3 without a failure. The problem seems to be worse in the winter months so it looks like poor design in the plug and socket department. It is apparently designed to operate outside and my unit is in a protected corner of the house.

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Bosch water died again today so it made it 3 1/2 months worked after reset. but it's a drag, hey Bosch how about a service bulletin or a schematic then I could fix it properly

Model: 26e

Absolutely terrible product

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 16, 2016

Only moved into our house in March and we have had nothing but endless problems with hot water cutting in and out and also when swapping the gas bottles. Followed the manufacturers instructions by turning the water and gas off and on numerous times, with no luck. How Bosch ever got these products past quality control is beyond me! I'm off to purchase a Rinaii!

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Model: 21e

Money magnet

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 10, 2016

Bosch high flow 21e has cost me more money in repairs in the last ten years on parts and labour and now I find out it just cost me another $148 just to tell me I need a new one I know were I would like to stick bosch .

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Model: 26e

Failed just outside of warranty

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 24, 2016

The Bosch 26e replaced a faithful 20-year-old electric Vulcan freeloader. This hot water service gets very little use as it's basically used to run a shower once a day. The Bosch 26e has had the occasional hiccup from the word go. I was always able to reset it and get it going again. However this time the Bosch 26e continues to run hot and cold. It cuts in then cuts out. No matter how many times I reset it. Bosch also recommends that the unit get serviced at least every 2 years which adds to further expense (plumbers are very expensive). As thi s unit is just over three years old and appears to be an ongoing fault not with just myself but other customers as well, Bosch should have recalled this product. Instead you are directed to call a plumber and pay the cost. Hot water services are something that should last at least 10 years not 3. In my opinion this product is not fit for the purpose it was designed for. As this is a rather expensive product to replace I'm really disappointed. I suggest buyer beware!!

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Bosch Official

Hi stormroos, We're sorry to hear that you're having issues with your Bosch Highflow 26e hot water system. You have posted your review on the Bosch home appliances division page, we deal with wa... read more »

Model: 21e

A disappointing product in this modern age

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 26, 2016

Have had nothing but problems with this Bosch HWS 21e since it has been installed in the rental property. As the property is managed, the ongoing plumbing fees to "reset" the unit is begininng to hurt. the numerous tenants have all had issues with this Bosch 21e unit. The plumbers go to site - i believe to reset the unit. by reset i mean just turn the power off then on. A solenoid can be heard to be engaged, which i believe what it is....otherwise keep cyclying power till this "engagement" can be heard. (As i have experienced this problem too while taking a shower, hot water in winter is rather disappointing)

Today the property managers have engaged the plumbers to visit and fix the hot water problem as raised by the tennants again. Bill is nearly $200. Recomendation by plumbers is to replace the unit. It is only new as it was installed in 2013 by a major Gas supplier....

Rather disappointing product in this day and age.

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Bosch Official

Hi Greg, Thanks for your review, we appreciate your feedback. We're sorry to hear that you have had a poor experience with our Bosch Highflow 21e. Our team at Bosch pride ourselves on the produc... read more »

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