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Latest review: Having used other products like this for caravaning, and then using our JOOLCA OUTING shower there is no comparison. Would never go back to anything else. Top rate product. Well done to the

Rinnai Infinity Range

Latest review: I have called four times today and had two return calls "to see what I Wanted" and all I want to do is book a service Call! How hard is

Thermann Gas Continuous Flow

Latest review: This unit is very efficient at delivering hot water within 15 Seconds.There is little water temperature fluctuation unless another person opens another tap.Overall i would say this unit is the best

Bosch HydroPower

Latest review: In March last year (2018) we had a failure in the heating coil in our Bosch 10P instant hot water service (after 20years of faithful service). I rang Origin Energy's replacement service (first

Rheem Continuous Flow

Latest review: Unit is 5 years old Works when it wants to Error 11 code keeps showing Contacted Rheem on 4 occasions To no help at all send technician no one shows Just going to change to a Rinnai Must be a

Bosch Pilot Ignition

Latest review: We had this hot water system installed by Ember Plumbing yesterday replacing an existing Bosch 10p which was over 14 years old. Cant complain with the old Bosch system lasting over 14 years. Value

Chromagen Eternity 26

Latest review: Ive had the unit for 10 years now and installed 2 remotes for convenience still going strong hasn't failed touch wood thou im not sure if this has made a difference to the life span but the unit is

Bosch Optiflow Professional

Latest review: Like other reviewers, we have found the time to heat impossible. Our bathroom tap is right next to the heater - maybe 2-3m of pipe, but it takes 30 seconds to get hot water. Same problem with going

Smarttek 6 Smart Hot Water System

Latest review: Absolutely brilliant! This is our 'all the time' shower and it is wonderful! Recently had a problem on a Saturday afternoon with the unit not heating and rang the help line. Wonderful service and

Rinnai B26

Latest review: I'm pretty sure we bought this around May 2018, and after getting it, I really really missed my old one. Our plumber recommended this one as he used it for his home and he liked it. But I think

Rinnai B16

Latest review: MY son brought this for me cause i was wasting 30 to 40 litres of hot water a day getting from my Aquamax 390 to my kitchen sink, so got a new b16 and moved it just outside my kitchen, now every time

Bosch Optiflow with Bluetooth

Latest review: During cold weather, this unit runs at low flow for 45 seconds before switching to full flow. This is extremely frustrating, as you need to waste 45s of water and stand in the cold before having a

Bosch Hot Water & Heating Optiflow Professional External 12L

Latest review: I switched my hot water service from storage to continuous flow, and went from excellent water pressure to crap - from needing 2 minute showers to wash my short hair, to needing 15 min showers to do

Bosch Internal Compact

Latest review: After 30 years of service our old water heater died. It was a Bosch, so we replaced it with similar characteristics Bosch product, thinking that we'll get similar quality. This is what happens -

Rheem Metro

Latest review: Similar experience to prior reviews. Since installing this unit the water pressure drops to nearly nothing for 20-30 seconds then dribbles at Luke warm and eventually gets hot. The plumber who sold

Chromagen Eternity T20

Latest review: In 2014 (19/09/2014) we took ownership of our newly built Home. The house came with a Chromagen T20 LPG instant hot water system. The unit lasted 2 years and 7 months before it completely stopped

Companion AquaCube Lithium COMP830LI

Latest review: Paid full retail for this piece of junk - been on 2 trips, cared for per the instructions and now has multiple errors and out of warranty. Buyers beware. When it did work every time I switched it on

Bosch 32 / 32Q

Latest review: We had 2 of these units installed in the unit complex (8) and within 2 years the heat exchangers failled twice on both units. After being charged over $500.00 each time by AGL servicemen for labour

Bosch Optiflow Professional Internal

Bosch Condensing 32C

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