On October 21, 2015 Breville Pty Ltd issued a recall on the Breville Fast Slow Cooker BPR200 white lid gasket from units with production date codes 1034 through to 1511. Consumers who have the Fast Slow Cooker in their possession should contact Breville customer service to arrange for a replacement gasket kit to be sent to them, free of charge. Please call 1300 727 424 or email recall@breville.com.au for further assistance. Read more on the official Breville site: http://www.breville.com.au/recall

This item has been replaced by the newer Breville BPR700

Essendon North, Victoria

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Date Purchased: Sep 2015

Very good product

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 22, 2017

I've had this pressure/slow cooker for ages now and it's still working like a dream, it's a very versatile unit with many options but has a simple easy to use interface. I've mainly used the pressure cooker and slow cooker options and every meal I've made has turned out exactly as expected.

Purchased at: The Good Guys

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Date Purchased: Feb 2017

Love it

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 16, 2017

It's not the newest and most fancy model, but I think it just worked for me.
I've been looking for a pressure and slow cooker for a while and compare to different types of model on the market.
I know there're lot newer and pricy ones from the same brand but the way I see it the function is just too complex.
This model is simple and straight forward and it does a good job!
I would recommend this one for anyone who is new to this sort of product.

Purchased at: JB Hi-Fi

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Date Purchased: Apr 2016

Really good

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 31, 2017

Love my fast slow cooker. Had over 12 months. Ability to brown great. Cooks tasty slow cook dishes really quick. Only fault would be the valve sticks so you can not leave unattended as burns, as you need push lid down to make it work. Otherwise great product would recommend.

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Date Purchased: Oct 2015

Loved this

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 05, 2017

Instructions instructions instructions!

Make sure you read them before you handle the cooking with a pressure cook. The product is simple to use and it's safe as long as you follow the guidebook. It also tells you how long it takes to cook with a pressure cook comparing to use a traditonal oven - it saves heaps of time!

Purchased at: The Good Guys

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Date Purchased: Jun 2015

Pressure Cooker Doesn't Work

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 25, 2017

I was having problems with the cooker getting up to pressure and then counting down. I obtained the replacement seal in Jun 16 but can recall the cooker only getting up to pressure once, and have had a few burnt meals trying to figure out how to make it work without luck. I'm pretty disappointed in the cooker as in theory it should be a great device. I've noted the number of other users having the same issues and won't be buying another one. I am currently looking for a replacement and seeing what other brands have to offer.

Purchased at: Bing Lee

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Date Purchased: Jul 2016


2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 20, 2017

Loved this pressure cooker when we first purchased it but after we had a recall on the sealer we then understood why it kept loosing pressure and forever turning off and not counting down
It could handle a small amount say a third full, but even half full it would not pressurize and kept turning off
Very disappointed as it was not cheap and too risky after the recall and people on T.V. getting burned by this product
Do Not Buy

Purchased at: Harvey Norman

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Date Purchased: Nov 2015

Loved it at first but now it won't pressurize

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 16, 2017

When it works it's wonderful, but it doesn't work any more. I've had mine for about 18 months, then bought one for my daughter which she uses all the time and loves. After about 6 months Breville sent me a new (dark grey) seal to install and told me to dispose of the original white one - which worked. It has never been the same since and now doesn't seem to get up to pressure because steam is all venting out around the lid - I've had to stop it in the middle because I know the food is boiling dry!! I'm too nervous about using it now, and can't trust it any more.

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Date Purchased: Apr 2016

Love it!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 27, 2017

I am so surprised to read the negative reviews on here. I purchased our slow/pressure cooker about a year ago and have no regrets at all. I bought it based on recommendations from 3 different friends and family members who have the same model and love it. In fact, the only reason I came on here was to look it up to recommend the model to another friend. I wonder if some people leaving negative reviews are expecting too much from it? It doesn't work magic, it just cooks your food for you! But it's easy to use, quick and straight forward.

Purchased at: Myer

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Date Purchased: Jan 2016

So hard to make work. I'm buying another brand.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 12, 2017

It cooks fine but getting it to cook in the first place heavily negates the time savings or any joy. I’ll preface this with I clean impeccably, no functional problems or mis-use.
1. The valve for the top locking mechanism is a massive issue. I always have a tool to lift it up so it can function. Pressure almost 100% escapes here & without manual intervention the cooker never starts.
2. The “wobble/jiggler” pressure control, the main one used for cooking. After I get the other pressure switch functioning I have trouble with this one. The “co
ok” position often just vents pressure so I have to move it to the fully closed position.. I wait for an audible click for the pressure switch (hi-med-low) in the handle to click in. Then fiddle with the jiggler thing so I know it is letting pressure release to protect my sanity and family.

Summary … This is NOT a set and forget item, it requires vast amounts of time to function properly. Cooking is not supposed to be a chore & I cry every time I bring this out and renew my battle. I’m going to find another brand using my lessons learned on this device. For the last year I believe I have given it a good go and understand all its design peculiarities.

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Date Purchased: May 2015

For the Bin

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 25, 2017

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Breville Official

Roy, we sincerely appreciate your efforts to resolve this matter through Breville Support and will be reviewing the experience you have reported. In an effort to provide management an opportunity f... read more »

Date Purchased: Mar 2016


1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 11, 2017

When using in pressure cook mode I've found this product very intermittent sometimes it cooks fine other times it fails to pressurize which removes any confidence I have using this cooker. I believe the quality of Breville has really gone by the way side. Definitely will not be buying another Breville.

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Date Purchased: Jun 2015

No quality

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 19, 2016

When I first purchased this, I loved it and would rave about it. After the 12 month warranty expired it began failing to reach pressure. The seals were recalled, so was hoping the replacements would fix the pressure issue, but it didn't. Breville customer service were TERRIBLE. No help at all. I will now need to replace it and I will most definitely not buy anything BREVILLE again

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Breville Official

Hi JessJ - can you please contact customer service on 1300 727 424 to organise a replacement lid, which should fix your issues. Thanks, the Breville team

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Questions & Answers

Is it okay to make deep dish pizza in this slow cooker? Will it burn if there's not any water in the cooker?

Rose asked on Jun 12, 2017

When i use the SLOW cook function for my Breville fast slow cooker, can i open the lid to turn the meat around as it does not have sufficient liquid to cover. If i use the 8 hour slow cook and decided that 6 hours is enough, can i cancel the operation when i reach 6 hours?

M Teo asked on Jun 03, 2017

Hi, I have had this for a few years now and cooked about ten times in it but my husband won't eat anything due to the chemical taste/smell of the food after it is cooked. I wondered if it had to do with the non stick coating? Has anyone else had this experience or any suggestions?

Pippaj asked on May 31, 2017

Answer this

We haven't had any of those issues with the taste or smell only the cooker keeps turning off and have to reset it continuously

Thanks Diane for your reply. I thought it might disappear after a couple of uses but it hasn't - weird? Your problem sounds like a right pain though.

We have the same issue with a chemical smell & taste to everything that is cooked in it. I have tried everything to get rid of the smell but it will not go away. We bought ours several years ago & only used it a few times too. Have recently tried again to get rid of the smell & have cooked in it twice over the past two months and no use. The pressure cooker doesn't work right either so tempted to throw it out.

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