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A pleasant experience

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 28, 2017

I placed an order for a China-made phone one Sunday night. The goods was dispatched from HK on Monday night, arrived Melbourne Wednesday morning, and delivered to my doorstep (in Metro Adelaide) Thursday noon. Faster than I had expected. Peers in Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane could've received their package one day earlier.

The packaging was nice and secure, with bubbles wrapped around the phone's original factory sealed box.

Pricewise, DWI was not the cheapest compared with other competitors on eBay, but cheap enough for me.

Overall, very happy about this purchase. I would definitely buy again with DWI.
Order # DWIW10342308

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Unreliable, liars/fraudulent, turn their backs on loyal customers.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 27, 2017

I've ordered $2000+ worth of gear from them in the past. They shipped I received. And then I ordered $800+ worth of camera gear, which they lost during transit. I need it within a month for travel. After 2-3 weeks of continuous calls, they did nothing. Refused to track my item, TOLL wasn't of help and they said I should contact DWI. DWI said I should contact TOLL. I asked for a refund and they said they'd provide a refund of AUD72. That was the % they would refund of the camera.

So I contacted TOLL and discovered this was actually the shippi
ng charges. DWI wanted me to believe this was a refund % for the camera. Shows how fraudulent they are. They didn't give me a refund. I raised a claim with PayPal. DWI didn't respond to the claim to provide proof of receipt of goods (obviously, how could they). PayPal closed the case in my favour and offered a full refund.

I've since bought nothing from DWI and have gone to other suppliers. It's all good until something breaks, and then DWI says you're on your own even though they're accountable for it.

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Great site!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 27, 2017

Amazing prices, good website and delivery on time!
The printer works really well, it's easy to carry so you can have your photos everywhere!

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surface pro4

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 26, 2017

the price was really competive compared to the other shops almost the 20% off. i also was wondered how fast was the delivery they took only 3 days and i have received my surface in perfetcts conditions with original boxes and parts how should be. in conclution was a fantastic deal with this company, they work really well, i am so satisfyed and will buy other devices from them.
thank you DWI

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Wow I can't believe how quick it came

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 25, 2017

Exactly what I wanted and came really quickly. Definitely would purchase again and I would recommend them as well

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Excellent all round service and product

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 25, 2017

Very good very good very good bro. Wonderful excellent adding amazing Chinese excellent business people thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

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Fast delivery. Great product

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 24, 2017

Fast delivery. Great product at 1/4 of the price of everyone else. Would definitely buy again from Digital World International

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Fast delivery and accurate description

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 23, 2017

I found this website via the Whirlpool forums (a user of which had recently bought exactly the same product I bought).
It wasn't the cheapest website that was selling the mobile I was after, however it was clear on the website that the variant I was purchasing was the Taiwanese variant (as opposed to the Indian or Brazilian one which use different mobile frequencies to Australia). The other cheaper websites I use (an eBay merchant and a couple of AliExpress merchants) had the price for the same mobile for a little less, but did not list which
variant of the phone they were selling and none responded to my email queries.
The information on DWI is not 100% correct on this mobile however, as I mentioned earlier, I was following a forum thread where a person had purchased the exact same phone from DWI and could confirm the information on GSMarena was more accurate. In particular, this phone IS capable of using 4g and 3g bands simultaneously when 2 sim cards are present (i.e. the primary sim card uses 4g and the secondary sim card uses 3g as opposed to 2g, which is now useless and which is what almost every dual sim phone forces the secondary sim to use).
Delivery was ultra fast (considering it delivery was free and started in China). I got my phone in less than a working week.
Lastly, as mentioned by other reviewers, there is a both a sizable PayPal and credit card surcharge which was never mentioned on the website until you are about to check out. The PayPal surcharge is double the amount of the credit card surcharge. There is a surcharge free option using a bank transfer however, those who have ever had to purchase things via bank transfer will know this adds at least another 24hr before items will be sent and bank transfers are terribly inconvenient...

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Will Buy Here Again

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 22, 2017

Not the lowest but a very competitive price, However the Paypal surcharge was an unexpected surprise at the end of the transaction. The product was well packaged, and was delivered much faster than expected.
Will certainly shop here again but will be more alert to hidden surcharges when comparing prices.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 21, 2017

DWI is a scam and messed around with me for about a year with their awful customer service and not respecting the warranty, would go to any other company but dwi, they basically stole $600 from me, first i sent back a faulty phone, then it returned with a different problem which i sent back again which returned not fixed with the exact same problem. THIS IS NOT AN AUSTRALIAN COMPANY, and their phone lines are disconnected so dont be fooled and shop with any other company

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Great site and deals

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 20, 2017

DWI site easy to negotiate around. Great prices. Was disappointed about the hefty 3.8 % surcharge for using Paypal service

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 19, 2017

Fast and good service. Really like the pace of the delivery too they have sent through within quoted time. Will shop again with these guys.

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I have purchased a drone through DWI and have paid it through PayPal. DWI have emailed me and said I need to provide photo ID with proof of address BEFORE they process my order. Has anyone had this issue?? It seems dodgy as I've never had to provide personal details to buy an item.

Talitha asked on Feb 27, 2017

Answer this

yes it seems a bit dodgy me too I've never done this, but no worries they have a policy about the privacy and they can't do anything with your details. so after that the company is pretty trustworthy my goods are arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

I am suspisous of your in house waranty, why is it NOT a Samsung waranty ? are these a refurbished item ? and if so how good is your waranty ? where do i send it back to? and how good is your turn around on these items, I can NOT be with out a phone as I am a country sales rep. please repley as soon as, as i need a new phone now. Regards E.R.Brown.

edd asked on Jan 22, 2017

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Warranty is terrible, you send it back to Hongkong, wait for 6 weeks at least. In case like me, if the courier "LOST" it on the way back from warranty for your 3 months new $800 phone, they'd offer you $134 and a kick in the butt.

Thanks mate, thanks lots, i think NOT , LOL EDDIE

I am considering buying the Garmin Vivoactive HR smart watch. Do you guarantee that they are genuine Garmin manufactured?

Chris asked on Dec 06, 2016

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