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  • GVA RTD-408W
  • GVA RTD-408W
  • GVA RTD-408W
  • GVA RTD-408W
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  • Frost Free
  • Separate Temp Controls
  • Multi Flow Air Delivery
  • Spillsafe Glass Shelves

This product has been discontinued by GVA.

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- Terrible

posted this on Jan 02, 2013

Bought the fridge 3 months ago and it broke on Christmas Eve - freezer works but fridge is at room temperature. Had to call a service centre and today is 2 Jan and still not fixed. Called the retailer but they directed me back to the call centre. I live regionally so I fear it will take a while to get fixed and this is my only fridge.

Purchased at: The Good Guys

+ Inexpensive and large freezer space

- I was worried about the coldness of the fridge from early on. Calling the call centre and waiting for repair is a lenghty process.

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For a cheapy, this is fantastic!


- Excellent

posted this on Aug 02, 2011

We brought this GVA RTD-408W model Fridge/freezer combo from The Good Guys, and its a cheapy, but its fantastic!!

Its another cheap item coming in from China, but we have to say its been fantastic, no probs at all so far (8months).

We solely purchased it because it had one of the most largest freezer spaces available in a fridge/freezer of a 450L fridge & under. As it was only for our garage (used as a second fridge), we wanted to utulise the freezer space for fishing bait etc.

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+ Great freezer space, inexpensive, quite energy efficient & very reliable so far

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