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Mitsubishi MR-EX562 / MR-EX655

Latest review: I have owned this refrigerator for almost four years now. It is very well built and hasn't missed a beat mechanically. It is very quiet (almost impossible to hear that it is running) and the

Mitsubishi L4 Grande / Mini

Latest review: I did research and thought I bought a top fridge 2 years ago. However I now really regretted the decision. Reasons are 1. the material Mitsubishi is using for their fridge and freezer is really sub

LG GB-450

Latest review: Old fridge turned noisy and was running a lot. After a largish energy bill it was time. On the high recommdation here and the space limitation of couldn't be taller than 175cm we settled on a black

Samsung SRL457MW / SRL458ELS

Latest review: I have had fridge about 18 months when I noticed the freezer seal has split! It became really obvious after wiping the seal down. Also drawer in freezer falls off rails when opened to access back of

LG GS-L668

Latest review: I always wanted to have a side-by-side fridge with Ice & Water Dispenser and without the hassle of connecting it to the water tap, etc. Especially, when you are renting you don't have much choice of

Samsung SRF719DLS

Latest review: Ice maker broke within 12 months was told they would fix it and if it broke again offer a refund. 4 weeks later and two goes at fixing it broken again. Repairer informed it was a design fault and all

Westinghouse WHE5200

Latest review: Nothing but problems. leaked and damaged our floors. Got a 2nd fridge and still leaks. 2 months and still waiting for tech to come out. Would not recommend this

LG GS-B680

Latest review: We bought this fridge about a month ago, and i'm loving it, its very spacious for the family of 4, very quiet, the door shelves are wide (you don't know how convenient it is until you use it) and

Westinghouse WSE6200SA / WSE6200WA

Latest review: Pros… This is a good set-and-forget fridge, both fridge and freezer work very well. Sharp angles give a large and imposing impression however the semi-gloss finish seems to tone down its size a b

LG GT-442

Latest review: We bought this LG GT-442WDC fridge (441 litre) as a replacement for an over 30 year old Westinghouse 512litre fridge and am pleased to say that it is a GREAT fridge. It was delivered and put in

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 519L Bottom Freezer (RF522 Series)

Latest review: Three new fridges in a month Faulty compressor had to take 5 days off work the delivery driver never turned up No phone call or even a text Harvey Norman south Tweed blocked me just take your money

Samsung SR400LSTC

Latest review: There are lemons in every product right? After 18 months the freezer door didnt close and noticed the back panel starting to protrude. Turned the icebox around and closed, but panel

Westinghouse WBE4500 / WBE5300

Latest review: I spent more time researching and deliberating when I bought a fridge than when I bought my house. Now it’s been 3 years since I bought this fridge (and my aunt bought one too) and I am just as happy

Westinghouse WTB4600 / WTB5400

Latest review: This is a great fridge. We bought 2, a left and right hinged and put them side by side. Almost twice the literage of a double door fridge for about the same price! The fridge and freezer Compartments

Electrolux EBE5307SA / EBE5367SA

Latest review: I mainly chose this fridge because of its size, style and energy rate. I am happy with these parameters, but since it was delivered, it had a permanent unusual noise and it wasn't the most silent

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 403L Bottom Freezer

Latest review: Loved this fridge for the first two years but then just out of warranty it started making horrendously loud vibrating noise. At first only when it was full, but now most of the time. It is so loud

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 614L French Door

Latest review: The F&P fridge has a very smart temperature stabilizing system, and it's almost not there at all., so very quiet. The shelves are adjustable and very practical to suit all types of users. It has

LG GF-5D712

Latest review: You may have read in other posts, that food in the crisper freezes. Well that's what happens to our food too. So much so, it has ruined heaps of fresh fruit and veges. The design flaw relates to a

LG GB-310

Latest review: My relatively old 420l Westinghouse suddenly started tripping circuit breakers and I thought that I might downsize. I had a brief look at this model at a retailer and I had it home working within a

Haier HBM450SA1

Latest review: Does all the things a fridge should do, but how much noise is too much? How do you know if it's making an unusual amount of noise because this fridge is LOUD! I wouldn't recommend for an apartment

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