Below average experience for crate hire

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 21, 2017

Hired a crate for flight. Received wire cage for dog with just newspaper on the floor instead of nice plastic crates shown on their webpage. Water bowl was empty when the dog went in and on pick up. When queried after flight they said they need to put the wire ones into rotation over busy times but would try to assist with a plastic crate for the return flight, also said that water bowl would have been filled by airport staff, but I'm not so sure. Then they tried to cancel the service on the way home as we had booked on a public holiday and sai d they couldn't provide service. Also stuffed up booking details (names etc.) Explained that they shouldn't have taken the booking or money then in the first place as we booked over the phone with one of their staff. Their suggestion was that we had to purchase a crate at our holiday destination to be able to get our dog home. We had to suggest that maybe they drop a crate off at the airport earlier than the public holiday so it was there ready for our flight. Eventually they did this after having to speak with a manager, but still got wire cage for the return flight. Overall experience not good enough to use them ever again.

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Bruno is a Kiwi

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 19, 2017

I was very sceptical at first because of the horror stories you hear....But Jetpets is the absolute best! Thank you for putting my mind at ease and keeping my Bruno safe. From the time we were in contact regarding travel everyone from Jetpets has been extremely helpful and kind. Thank you to the driver who sent me an email keeping me informed of Bruno's travel and photos. Grateful that you all cared for my Bruno like he was your own.

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So happy Devonport Tas - Dubbo NSW 3 flights!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 16, 2017

Helpful from the start & competitive pricing! And received photos of our Daschund on a "comfort stop" enroute... I feel our dog had a better experience traveling unaccompanied with Jetpets, than she has previously done when travelling on the same flights as us. This is due to the care given between flights. After a journey that took almost 12 hours on a very hot day our dog arrived happy & content .. water In her crate meant she wasn't even thirsty on arrival - nor desperate to wee due to her 2 comfort stops along the way. Would definitely recommend & use again.

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Got my dog home safe and sound.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 12, 2017

I flew my 7-month old cavoodle, Basil, from Sydney to the UK with Jetpets and had great service from start to finish. Basil was his usual happy self on arrival, even after a 24 hour flight. Would recommend to anyone.

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Perfect pooch transportation

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 27, 2016

My Border Terrier Banjo had a wonderful time with Jetpets and arrived safely after two flights and an overnight stay in Sydney at the Jetpets depot.
Many thanks to all concerned who looked after our boy, we were very nervous and you put all our worries to rest.

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Delivering to terrible results.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 27, 2016

I was recommended this company by a removalist company, who was taking my goods from Sydney to Brisbane. I rang them for a quote, and the removalist company said that if I mention this person's name and who recommended, I would be able to receive a discount. The total price for moving my cat was $300 - how is this a discounted price?! I decided to wait and think as the date I wanted wasn't yet a definite.

I called them back just over a week before the planned date of the 28th December, and the guy who was dealing with my quote, said if you
pay by Friday before the date, we should be good to book my cat. I paid on Thursday by BPAY as they allowed that payment option. They asked me for a screenshot of my receipt, and I said I pressed SAVE, but it didn't end up saving on my phone. I sent them a screenshot of my transaction statement - still wasn't acceptable. I had to follow up on Friday as I received no response, and they said without an account number where the money was going TO, they couldn't process it. So I ended up having to ring my bank, for a receipt, which I found, and sent, and they said it still wasn't acceptable. It's not my choice that my bank doesn't record the account going TO. I decided to do a test and transfer some of my money to a different account and screenshot that - and found that the receipt details for that test didn't show the account number it was going to! After all I provided to the company which they refused to accept that I paid my money from all the different screenshots I sent to them, my cat ended up missing the date of being picked up from the pick up address and flying to Brisbane on the 28th. I paid $300 which is now stuck in limbo, and they can't give me my money back until next week.

Don't ever go with these people! It is a rip off! Instead, I rang Australian Air Express, and they were more helpful and they had more available fights at a MUCH CHEAPER COST. They said it shouldn't cost more than $70 to fly my cat! I still have to pay $60 to buy the crate which is airline approved, but I will end up paying less than half of Jetpets!

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Jetpets Official

Dear Kirsty

Thank you for contacting us in regards to your recent experience with Jetpets. We appreciate you taking the time to speak to one of our Managers and providing us with your feedback.

The Jetpets Team.

Also, not only that I had to do a follow up call for my refund, the consultant that I was dealing with, failed to inform that my refund would take up to 5 business days. I had to contact the Custom... read more »

Verified Purchase

A new pup arrived safe and sound in time for Christmas!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 23, 2016

After researching and finding the perfect pup for our apartment in Hong Kong, we waited anxiously for him to arrive. From the time we started the conversation with Jetpets to the moment he was delivered the service was superb! We were kept up to date throughout the long journey from Taree to Hong Kong via Sydney. Lachie arrived in good sprits and ready to meet his very excited new family! I would not hesitate to use the service again if we ever need to!

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Best Service ever - Would def recommend!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 15, 2016

I recently returned to NZ to live after calling Melbourne home for the last 10 years and was anxious about how my 4 year old maltese shitzu would take the flight...and being away from me whilst in transit. He has always stayed with family when I've been away and is very much a Mama's boy, but the amazing service and support from Renee and the Jetpet's team made the whole end to end experience as seamless and stress free as possible.
I also got an email the morning Wokie and I were due to fly out to let me know how his night had been and that h
e was settled into his crate for his flight.
And the team in Auckland were also amazing and friendly and kept in regular contact with my Mum to let her know what was happening whilst Wokie and I were in transit.
Thank you for taking such awesome care of my fur baby guys...and for reassuring his some what drainer of a Mama in the process :)
We will def use Jetpets again in the future and recommend to all of our famz and friends!!

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Still an ongoing saga with no resolution met.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 09, 2016

A continuation of my review that you'll find below. There have been a few emails back and forth over the past 5 weeks. There is absolutely no care at my displeasure with the handling of the complaint or the complaint itself. A reply email is sent once every 7 days or more, it's just not good enough. Too busy to handle a complaint of this severity it seems.

I haven't had a reply to my email in 10 days now. I have been intouch with Animal Plant and Health Agency in regards to the conditions you left my dog in on the flight from Brisbane to Lon
don and I will do everything in my power to make sure it doesn't happen again.

The water bowls are not sufficient for travel, they slosh all over the crate on getting onto the plane, in take off, on landing, on getting off the plane, getting back on it again, take off and that's without the turbulence. My dog was sitting in a soaking wet crate for more that 30 hours because of this. The "fleese" was no bigger that shoe box in diameter (going in an XL crate pp70) and newspaper isn't absorbent enough. I said as a resolution I wanted this to be looked at, I was told that they would put less water in the bowls then. I still can't quite believe that I was offered that as a solution. I also asked to speak to a member of JetPets that was of a higher stature than a team leader in was ignored.

Safe to say there was no care in transporting my dog and there is certainly no care now. Extremely disgusted having spent $4000 for this service.

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Jetpets Official

Hi Mark Thank you for contacting Jetpets in regards to your recent experience with us. One of our managers has left a message for you. Please let us know what time suits you best to make contac... read more »


5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 01, 2016

Jet Pets have done a wonderful job with my cat Loki, he had a big trip from Australia to Colombia and I feel satisfied with the Jet Pets care that have given to Loki. Thank you Jet Pets!!

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Verified Purchase

Best Animal Transport Company in Australia.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 30, 2016

My experience with Jetpets was great. It started with the Quotation, all the Preparation incl. Vaccinations and Paperwork and all the Travel preparation for my pet. The partnership with overseas companies who can deal with Customs etc. on your behalf also helps immensely. I cant thank Jetpets enough that the overseas move with my cat (Brisbane to Frankfurt) went so smooth. Thank you Jetpets!

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Transfer of our Dog from Oz the Ireland

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2016

From start to finish of process, Jetpets were brilliant in providing info and organising the flight from Sydney to Dublin for our dog.

Paddy travelled home with no problems and is loving Ireland, he is in good shape after being looked after , he had plenty of cuddles and exercise at his comfort stop in Dubai.

I would recommend them highly to anyone thinking of sending their dog anywhere.

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Questions & Answers

I've just brought a puppy, miniature dashchund the breeder has organized flight it's just domestic but am wondering if you guys pick them up and drop them off at houses?

Sharni asked on Nov 23, 2016

Answer this

Hi Sharni, how exciting! It depends on who your breeder has booked with. If the booking is with Jetpets, we can definitely organise a delivery but please note this will be at an additional charge. Please give us a call on 1300 668 309 if we can help further - Jetpets.

Our dogs left on flight from Sydney to Johannesburg, South Africa. I provided new blankets and toys to accompany them. Firstly, we had to buy new cages. The ones used to Australia, were not good to leave Australia? No examples provided as to how the padding inside cage will look. We were on the same flight and met the dogs as they arrived at cargo area. You told us that in SA they might discard the blankets as it will be soiled. Well, they opened the cages in front of us and their blankets and toys were not in it. Why would they discard it and not the fleece you provided??? See next message as place is to small

Christel asked on Sep 16, 2016

Answer this

Hi Christel, thanks for your question.

All airlines reserve the right to discard soiled toys and bedding throughout your pets journey to optimise comfort. As our fleece bedding lines the bottom of the travel crate, this may be why these were not affected should there be a few layers.
Jetpets can confirm our crates are in regulation with IATA transport standards and are accepted by all domestic and international airlines. Some governments and departure ports are more strict than others hence why we were unable to use your previous crates for transport from Australia.

We hope this helps to answer your enquiry.

The fleece is insufficient to absorb the urine and it sas soaked. A few layers would have helped. If you send your pet for 14 hour flight and received it dripping of urine and
shivering of cold, you will understand my disgust with the treatment of our dogs. Maybe the IATI transport standards should be raised.
The crates and travel on same airline between the same Countries were used.
A horrific experience for us and our dogs!

Do you transport pet rats to tasmania?

Learnng62 asked on Jul 17, 2016

Answer this

Hi there, thanks for your question and the answer is yes, we can transport a rat into Tasmania. However, please note you will need to apply for an Import Permit from the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment for this move – and you will need to know the exact species of the rat for the permit. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us – 1300 668 309. Hope that helps!

The team at Jetpets

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