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Kogan ThermoBlend All-in-One

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  • Kogan ThermoBlend All-in-One
  • Kogan ThermoBlend All-in-One
  • Kogan ThermoBlend All-in-One
  • Kogan ThermoBlend All-in-One
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Product Details
Brand: Kogan
Type: Benchtop
Max Capacity: 2
Price (RRP): 249
Motor Power: 1400

Release date: Nov 2012

The ultimate kitchen appliance.

The two biggest issues with stocking a home kitchen is the cost of good quality appliances and finding space to store them all. Solve both of these problems today with the Kogan ThermoBlend.

The ThermoBlend makes cooking a breeze as it will chop, beat, mix, knead, blend, cook, steam, stir and melt your ingredients to perfection, every time. These functions are all easily controlled with simple adjustable settings for operational speed and temperature, as well as a built in timer. Even the most inexperienced cooks will soon be whipping up jams, soups, breads, juices, sauces, dips, cakes and salads like a pro.

You can stop cluttering up your cupboards and shelves with a dozen expensive appliances, as this single unit can fit comfortably in a cupboard, and once your culinary masterpiece has been eaten and enjoyed, cleanup is a joy with the dishwashable cooking bowl and easily cleaned utensils.

Once you try the ThermoBlend, you will wonder how you ever managed to cook without it.


  • Capacity: 2.0L
  • Power: max. 1400W, Motor 600W, Heating 1300WW
  • Stirring: 200-10,000 RPM

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32 reviews from our users

Not worth it!


- Terrible

posted this on Sep 10, 2013

I purchased my Thermoblend last November before it was actually released as I did not want to miss out, I received it just prior to Christmas but did not use it until I moved into our new home in June. At first it was really good except for the lid to the top basket it was bowed and that was how I unpacked this from the box. I then found the heating function was not working and my steamed vegetables where uncooked (it was fine before). To top it off the handle just come away from the large... Read more

- Bad Warranty & Customer Service, Failed after only 4 weeks of use, Fell Apart,

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Di, Sorry to read that you had problems with your TB.
I have my TB for 11 months now and use it ... Read more
Anneke posted on 05-Dec-2013 report this comment
Hi Anneke,I have just received one but desperately need receipes specifically for the TB.My first... Read more
Carol posted on 07-Jan-2014 report this comment
Hi, I would also be interested to know if there is a cook book to reference, it would certainly encourage me to get one.
Lil posted on 04-Feb-2014 report this comment

so far excellent.


- Good

posted this on Sep 09, 2013

Kogan TB, amazing value, pretty much a thermomix without the scale built in. even has feature equivalent to the reverse function of a thermomix. works excellent and i have found a heap of recipe's on facebook group. I have at least 12 months warranty, and paid a tenth of the price of a thermomix. I cant be happier, even if i have to send it back a couple of times in the first twelve months as per other peoples experience. thanks kogan :)

Purchased at: Kogan

+ cheap, feature rich, actually works !!!

- no recipe's, gotta do a little research.

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Hi, can you please elaborate on the kogan's reverse function? I've been looking high and low for a thermomix imitation that does just that. Thank you
Jan posted on 31-Mar-2014 report this comment
Jan, it doesn't reverse, it has a blade cover which effectively means it stirs but doesn't chop.
Glenne posted on 11-Apr-2014 report this comment

it worked perfectly


- Excellent

posted this on Jul 18, 2013

friend has the original thermomix and raves about it so when I saw the Kogan thermoblend I thought I would give it a go, I followed a thermomix recipe for Leek and Potato soup and it worked really well for a first time user.The soup was delicious and it only took just over 30mins from start to finish, one happy husband not much washing up either.

Purchased at: Kogan

+ I liked that its really easy to follow the instructions, so long as you follow the process of the timer temp etc you shouldnt have a problem

- it needs its own recipe booklet or website

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Damaged blade cover and butterfly attachment replacement cost 2/5 of machine price to replace


- Bad

posted this on Jun 13, 2013

Blade cover and butterfly attachment came off during use and chopped into 10 pieces within seconds. Easy enough done and I would assume an expected problem. Other brand replacements are around $15. Why is the TB $69 for one of the small plastic attachments? I'm happy to accept responsibility for the damage but how can two small molded plastic component we valued at more than two fifths of the total cost of machine. I had recommended the machine to friends as a great low cost alternative ... Read more

+ Works well for the price paid

- replacement parts are far too expensive at $69 a picece for plastic blade covers

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I bought the Thermoblend 2 weeks ago and am still to use it. I downloaded the instruction book b... Read more
Kaybee posted on 07-Jul-2013 report this comment
I agree, I have just opened mine only to find no instructions! That is so unprofessional.
Louise posted on 13-Oct-2013 report this comment

Kogan Official

Hi Louise. All of our user manuals are available online. You can access your thermoblend manual h... Read more
Kogan posted on 15-Oct-2013 report this comment
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No cook book


- OK

posted this on May 20, 2013

I am extremely disappointed that there is no cook book available for download !! There is going to be too much trial and error involved using this appliance. Sorry I bought it! I would have thought that an appliance such as this would be accompanied by a more detailed user manual and some basic cooking instructions!

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I have the same problem. I just got my machine this morning and I have to look in thermomix for recipes. I hope it will work with this.
odette posted on 11-Jul-2013 report this comment

Great kitchen utensil


- Good

posted this on Apr 16, 2013

Have my machine for 5 months now it sits on the bench and I use it almost daily for chopping or blending or cooking I still haven't used it to its full capability but until now I love it and so far have not struck a major issue also the price is very reasonable thanks Kogan

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Where do you find recipes for thermoblend?
odette posted on 11-Jul-2013 report this comment

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