Best All-In-One Kitchen Appliances

If you sometimes wish you had your very own sous chef when preparing meals at home, an all-in-one kitchen appliance may be able to help you out, by prepping food and performing handy cooking functions. Continue Reading...

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Magimix Cook Expert

Magimix Cook Expert 🏆 2024

4.8  (813)
  • Price (RRP) $2,499
  • Capacity3.5L
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GBBVIC3 posts
  Fair Incentive
Great cookerI love experimenting with my Magimix Cook Expert. It's easy to use and has lots of functionality. The risotto that I cooked was a breeze, no more stirring on the stove and it tasted great. Show details
Optimum Thermocook Pro Series

Optimum Thermocook Pro Series 🏆 2024

4.7  (257)
  • Capacity2.5L
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irenerosanna2 posts
  Verified Essential
Very happyVery frustrating g trying to set up with internet.
But love the machine. Great quality . Love S.S. steamers and dough attachment. Show details


3.8  (824)
  • Capacity2.2L
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Lizzy Phillips
Lizzy Phillips4 posts
Tefal i-Companion XL Connect FE90C160

Tefal i-Companion XL Connect FE90C160

4.7  (26)
  • Capacity3L
DaisyNSW43 posts
Mistral 8L Dual Zone Air Fryer MAF2X4W

Mistral 8L Dual Zone Air Fryer MAF2X4W

5.0  (2)
  • Capacity8L
Mellie3 posts
Wonderful where have you been all my lifeAmazing ! cooked a roast dinner all in one machine. Meat in one side and veggies in other side. Gravy in a pot. Done. Five minutes to clean no scrubbing. So easy to operate, reminds you to shake. The best roast veggies ever. Looking forward to cooking more things in my air fryer. Looks lovely on my bench too! Show details
Tokit Omni Cook

Tokit Omni Cook

2.3  (3)
  • Capacity2.2L
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xxfor3stxx2 posts
Mistral Intelli Kitchen Machine

Mistral Intelli Kitchen Machine

1.8  (4)
  • Capacity2.2L
CalandraWA2 posts
Mistral Smart Intelli Kitchen Machine MKM2200

Mistral Smart Intelli Kitchen Machine MKM2200

No reviews
  • Price (RRP) $799
  • Capacity3L

The ThermoPro surrounded by vegetables

What does an all-in-one kitchen appliance do?

All-in-one kitchen appliances help you prepare food before cooking, and also perform some cooking functions.

Food prep

In terms of food preparation, these handy kitchen companions can potentially do it all. Many models have the ability to do the following: process food, weigh, chop, mix, whisk, grind, mill, blend, knead, grate, juice, puree and mince and prepare ingredients.

They also have integrated tools to help prepare food, such as scales, measuring cups and steamer baskets.

Cooking functions

All-in-one kitchen appliances can also perform a range of cooking functions, similar to those offered by a multi-functional cooker. Multi-cookers can pressure cook, slow cook, steam, make rice, roast, air fry, braise, and pan fry, depending on the particular model.

An all-in-one appliance won’t necessarily perform all these functions. However, the higher in price you go, the more functionality they'll have. For example, the Tefal Cuisine Companion can steam, slow cook and make soups and sauces.

High-end models also feature plenty of in-built recipes, which you can access via their digital display. The recipes can be extensive, from making bread and pasta, to yoghurt and ice cream.

Are all-in-one kitchen appliances worth it?

The appeal of all-in-one kitchen appliances is that they’re convenient. They can reduce clutter in your kitchen if you’re using your all-in-one device to replace a number of manual kitchen tools and electrical appliances.

No longer will you have to go rummaging under the cupboard or inside kitchen drawers to find that utensil or appliance you’re looking for.

However, perhaps unsurprisingly, convenience comes at a price. All of the Top-5 rated models on cost over $1, 500. As a result, the decision to invest in one of these pricey devices will probably require mulling over, more than when you're buying a $5 grater from Coles.

Whether your all-in-one will turn out to be a valued purchased can depend on the following considerations.

The frequency at which you’ll be cooking with your AIO

If you’re a weekend chef, or you don’t often prepare food requiring a multide of steps, you might quickly find out after inspecting product information that your cooking habits aren't sufficient to justify the high price of an all-in-one kithen appliance.

The level of control you prefer when cooking

This should match what your all-in-one appliance is offering. For example, some AIO's require much more manual control, which you may prefer if you're an experienced chef who likes to put their own creative touch into preparing meals.

However, if you're someone who's choosing an all-in-one kitchen appliance because you want to eliminate some manual labour, opt for a machine that lets you take lot of the thinking out of the cooking process, with guided step-by-step functions.

Time spent cleaning

If an appliance is extremely fiddly to clean - including the bowl but more likely all its included attachments - you may spend a lot of time removing bits of food. This can potentially cancel out the time-saving benefits of having the machine in the first place.

Factors to consider when buying a multi-cooker

Cooking functions and presets

All-in-one kitchen appliances are appealing because they boast a wide range of cooking functions and features. However, make sure you’re not paying extra for functions you’re unlikely to use.

Check the specs before buying, to make sure that what’s being offered matches up with your regular cooking habits.

For example, if you prioritise saving time while cooking, you may prefer to opt for a model with a built-in pressure cooking function, rather than a slow cooking function. Similarly, if you frequently knead dough for pastries and bread, you'll need a kneading function included.


This includes the dimensions of your new appliance, as well as its weight. If you’re cooking with your all-in-one appliance every day or a similar frequency, it should fit comfortably on a benchtop, with enough space remaining to cook without clutter.

Some AIO's can be quite sizeable, and generally they weight between 6-12 kg. If you'd rather not have your AIO appliance sitting on your kitchen counter round-the-clock, consider how easy the appliance will be to lift and store in a kitchen cupboard to prevent back strain.

Bowl Capacity

This is important, as it determines the quantity of food you’re able to whip up per cooking session. The bowl capacity for an all-in-one appliance typically ranges from 2 - 4.5 litres.

A bowl size towards the larger end will be more suited for larger families (3-4 people), but keep in mind that if you're preparing whole meals for larger families, you'll likely to have to batch cook. If this sounds like a hassle to you, multi-cookers often have a larger bowl size (a capacity of around 5-6 litres is common, perfect for families of 5-6 people).

Ease of Use

Since electrical cooking appliances are designed to make life in the kitchen easier, any prospective AIO device should be simple and straightforward enough to learn how to operate.

This includes clearly labelled buttons and dials, or you may prefer a clear, bright touchscreen if you’re following recipe instructions on-screen.

Another handy feature is receiving updates on the status of your meal-in-progress through a countdown timer. A delay-start timer allows you to program your AIO in the morning, to start cooking at night when you walk in the door.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning your kitchen appliance regularly is important, as food residue left behind can interfere with its smooth running and cause problems.

There should be minimal crevices and gaps where food can easily get stuck in the machine. As all parts need to be disassembled and washed separately, the higher number of dishwasher-safe parts, the better.

Before purchasing, check in-person or read reviews to make sure an appliance has minimal food traps, particularly the exterior of the device.

Noise Level

The noise that an all-in-one kitchen appliance will often depend on the range of cooking functions it performs. For example, a machine performing a ‘crush ice’ or ‘blend’ function is going to produce more noise than the same appliance when it’s slow cooking a stew.

However, if noise is a concern for you, it’s advisable to check the dBA , which informs you of the relative sound level. However, since this will likely be difficult information to find, it’s better to shop in-store, even if it’s just to test out and compare the noise level of various appliances.


While it’s tempting to simply buy cheaper appliances, it’s important to make sure that they’re safe to use first.

A few all-in-one-appliances with built-in pressure cookers in the past have had faulty safety mechanisms, including an ALDI Crofton model from 2017, and the Thermomix TM31 from back in 2008.

Scalding-hot contents of a pressure cooker to explode and cause burns to bystanders. This was caused by faulty lids - which is why it’s important to choose a multi-cooker with more than one locking mechanism - such as a double-lock lid.

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