Better than what we expected

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 23, 2017

It's money well spent. It's so easy to fold and unfold. Our biggest problem solved, two babies can fit in easily. Best pram ever. Its very comfy and easy to maneuver. We were really hesitated which pram to buy but Redsbaby is the best we found and everyone in our family is loving the pram.

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It is ok

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 23, 2017

I bought Jive in indigo in May 2016.
- lightweight
- easy to fold
- love the air vents
- easy to adjust seat into recline position
- reds baby team very helpful and lovely to work with

- the sun canopy is not great. When baby is in seat in recline position the sun is always in his face. I am forever fiddling with muslin cloths to try and cover him from the sun. I even bought universal sun covers from baby bunting but he just gets so hot with that on. I get very jealous when I see mums with the bugaboo chameleo
ns. The sun cover comes all the way down and no fussing all day with muslin cloths.
- the basket cord came off and would wrap and get caught around the wheels. This was a big issue as the pram would just stop moving (in the middle of the road). Redsbaby did send me out a new basket but I did have to email twice to follow up.
- the break does not clear from the wheel. So when I push the pram there is a clicking sound. It is embarrassing. Redsbaby have offered to fix this but don't offer a replacement. I can't be without the pram for a week or however long they need to fix it so I just live with this.
- it is a bit rickety and wobbly.

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Verified Purchase

Perfect pram for two

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 19, 2017

My two little ones are 16 months apart and this pram caters for both of their needs perfectly. It feels amazing to push and so secure. It's incredibly easy to to fold and unfold, I particularly love that you can fold it down with a seat still attached; such a space saver! The quality is obvious and it's such an attractive pram, I'm constantly being stopped by expecting mummas!

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My first pram and it's great

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 15, 2017

We bought our jive the year before at the one fine baby event. It has been great to us. The bassinet was very comfy for baby to sleep in, and when we changed to the seat it got better. Easy to fold and easy to push everywhere. It's very light compared to other brands. I had so many compliments just from random mums in the shops. It's perfect for small families living in the city, and also good for your back.

During the time I contacted redsbaby team once. The original frame had some faulties and I didn't notice untill later. They sent out a
replacement the next week! They are very professional with it. We always hear business claiming themselves to aim No. 1 customer satisfaction, but the redsbaby team is the one who puts it to practice. I wasn't sure about the whole online thing at first but my shopping experience and the product proved that there is no need to worry.

The older jive has a smaller basket and the folding handle part was a bit of a pain but i think they fixed those minors in the new models. I'm so jealous of the mums who bought the newer model lol.

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Love my Redsbaby!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 14, 2017

Really happy with our purchase of the Redsbaby jive. Searched around for a long time before bubs was due, found Redsbaby and bought directly online with no 'test drive' just went of the reviews - now am seeing them everywhere!
Great customer serve
Pram easy to use, lightweight, easily folds and fits in the car
Comes with a bassinette for original cost price
Can purchase connectors for car seat and extra accessories (which have all been good)
Can fit a lot in the storage basket
Looks great, my husband is happy to use it :)
My only issue was that there was no second seat, however this has just been released!

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The compliments just keep coming!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 12, 2017

I was recommended Redsbaby by a friend who had done a lot of research on the best value safest pram and I'm so glad I followed the advice. So easy to use, sturdy and looks great! I couldn't believe for around half the prIce of the 'designer' prams I could get something that looks and functions so well. We really love our Jive and so does our little one!

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Love our new RedsBaby.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 10, 2017

Before buying our 1st pram I posed a question to my Facebook friends - what's your favourite pram and why?! I was faced with almost 100 comments or different prams and was left confused! What I did, was took down a few of the "reasons" and tried to find a pram that had them all ...
- reversible seat
- light weight and easy to open/ close
- option for a bassinet and car capsule
- option to add 2nd seat on the frame
- decent basket size
- and has to look good
I found all of this and more in the RedsBaby Jive
Even my sister used it with my nephew and. Ow wants a Redsbaby too!
They are so easy to use, practical, well priced and look fantastic! Highly recommended!!

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Absolutely brilliant pram. We LOVE it.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 09, 2017

Couldn't be happier with our Jive. Not only does it do its job, it looks amazing too!

It manoeuvres so easily I often push one handed while doing my shopping with no hassles. Pram "in" one hand, shopping basket in the other. It basically turns on the spot.

My baby was always so peaceful in the bassinet attachment and now loves the seat too. And with the seat on it's so handy how it folds all as one in an easy motion.

I get stopped so often by people who want to comment on or ask about my pram and I don't hesitate to tell people if they're looking for one then this is it. Such great value for money too compared to many other products around.

Everyone NEEDS this pram!!

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Versatile and easy to use

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 20, 2016

We bought a Redsbaby Jive pram in May for our son (born in August) and we absolutely love our pram. We get so many compliments on its appearance and practicality. Even shop assistants at Baby Bunting (on numerous visits) have commented on how they wish they sold it because they love how it looks and all the attachments.

I was so confused by which pram to buy and after a bit of research saw that the Jive had everything we wanted (bassinet and kid seat included in price, storage area, cover attachments for sun and rain and the option to use it as a two child pram in future) and was much more reasonably priced than any of the others I looked at. I will continue to recommend it to anyone who's in the market!

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Amazing quality at an even better price!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 15, 2016

I'm quite a petite person so the size of our pram had to be just right as well as include features like being light, easy to manoeuvre and easy to fold. We also have two older children, 10 and 8, so a big basket for all their things as well as bubs things and groceries was essential and we obviously still wanted it to look great!
Redsbaby Jive has it all. The features, the looks and all the bells and whistles! You'd think you'd purchased the more expensive top of the range prams which go for over $2000! I was so happy to find all of the top of the range features for such a great price. Thanks Redsbaby!!

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Love to Jive!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 13, 2016

Very easy to maneuver, so lightweight, fits in the boot of my small car, excellent quality materials. I would purchase again & have recommended to friends. I will purchase the second seat to fit the Jive when our next baby arrives. The SPF 50 shade cover is the best accessory.

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Questions & Answers

Can you angle the basinet like the icandy does?

Dina asked on Jan 18, 2017

Answer this

Hi Dina, no, our bassinet is stationary. At around 6 months, the child generally moves to the seat, which reclines to a flat position but the base isn't flat like the bassinet, their legs are supported by the adjustable footrest. Hope that helps! Sarah - RB Team xx

Hi Dina, the bassinet doesn't change angle. It stays flat.

When considering the jive for its ability to upgrade to two children down the track, I wonder: at what point do children usually grow out of this pram? At what ages are your children sitting comfortably, and how much time would you actually get out of the dual feature before kidlets become too big? (Weight and height?) my scenario does not involve twins ect.

Cass asked on Jan 13, 2017

Answer this

Hi Cass, kids are generally (allowing for extreme height fluctuations), comfortable in the JIVE until they are around three to four years old. The front seat of the Tandem accommodates a child up to 20kg and the back accommodates a child of up to 15kg. A child generally starts to develop the ability to sit up (or at least partially sit up - which is when you want to move them out of a bassinet) at around six months old. We also have a Buggyboard. If your older child get to the stage that they'd like to run around more, you can convert back into a single and add the Buggybpard so they can stand on the platform when they're tried (or you need to get somewhere in a hurry!

I wonder where can i try the pram before buying it?? I can't find it at any store.. Does anyone has any clue please? :(

Kokokimo asked on Jan 13, 2017

Answer this

They have demo days in capital cities. If you look at their website the upcoming demos should be listed :-)

Hi Kokokimo, our prams are sold online only but they can be viewed at our Demo Days (see website for dates) and also at a most major baby shows around the country. Sarah - RB Team xx

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Product Details

Price (RRP) $849
Age Bassinet - 0+ months, Seat - 6+months
Product Weight Chassis - 7.7kg, Bassinet - 4.5kg, Seat - 3.3kg
Folded Height 30cm
Folded Width 58.5cm
Folded Length 85cm
Weight Capacity Bassinet - 9kg, Seat - 20kg
Price (RRP) with 2nd seat $1049
Product Weight (2nd seat) 2.2kg
Weight Capacity (2nd seat) 15kg