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Stegbar Customer Service is abysmal & they will not take accountability for anything

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 22, 2017

* Started with difficulty in just getting a quote for our windows organised
* When I followed up with Stegbar, I was basically told I had no business ringing them as it was their subcontractors who would contact us for a measure & quote
* Contractors turned out to be great & we were given a time frame of approx 4 to 5 weeks - this was early April
* I followed up with the sub-contractors a number of times who were also being given continually pushed out dates for when our window would be ready
* I then sent a follow-up directly to Stegb
ar & was called by the SA Sales Manager - I advised him that given the number of complaints I had since found on review sites I was extremely concerned & that the time frame for our window install was already more than double the original estimate. He advised me that only 2 of the complaint on-line were regarding SA & he'd sorted them (intimated they were the customers fault!), that I shouldn't be ringing Stegbar & that he would follow it up but that's all he'd do. I suggested that given the customer & contractors are the only ones to miss out - Stegbar should offer some discount as they collect their full fee & too bad to anyone else. He advised he'd followed up & that's all he would/could do!
* The window eventually turned up & arrived for installation at our home yesterday - looked great apart from the width being around ONE METRE to narrow!!!! Now we have to wait for another window to be made!
* We have no recourse, Stegbar don't apologise for anything, they certainly don't appear to support their contractors - but hey - they get their full payment & they used to be an Australian owned company.

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Where do I start - horrible company to deal with

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 21, 2017

We've recently had Stegbar come back to fix issues with 3 mirrors installed at our house. They were essentially 2 yeas late, then told me when they were coming, no asking only telling. When I asked the rude girl on the phone around what time I should expect them she responded with "they will contact you the day before". At around 4pm the working day prior to installation I phoned the company to see when they were coming. Still nothing. The poor lady on the end of the phone was trying to be helpful but I could tell she was getting the run around as well. I'm going to have to stop this review here because there really is too much to post and I don't want to give this company more of my time! This really was only the tip of the iceberg.
In summary, we now have damage done to our walls in the ensuite, a mirror placed on top of another mirror in the bathroom and the mirror ripped off the wall in our powder room. They say they'll come back but who knows when that'll be and as I can never contact anyone from the company, I'm well and truly over it!

I feel sorry for the installers as it's not always their fault. I solely blame the company at a higher level.

I wished we never went with this company!

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Frankly, I Am Left Scratching My Head in Disbelief....

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 21, 2017

I chose Stegbar to supply my shower screens and wardrobe doors in my new home. Even though they were about 15% more expensive than the next quote, I thought that being a large manufacturer, they'd be more efficient and professional.

Wow! What a mistake that was!

1. Showroom staff in Rowville where not particularly friendly. When they made the appointment for the sales rep to visit us, they didn't even bother to give us his phone number so we could contact him in advance of the appointment time, if we needed to.

2. The guy that came to
measure was 40 mins late in arriving and didn't even bother to phone ahead to let us know. I eventually found him parked outside our neighbours, talking on his mobile phone. He then came in and measured up wrong. If I hadn't picked up his error, my shower screen would have been larger than the whole bathroom wall.

3. The sliding wardrobe doors fitted ok - just. In my opinion they should each have been about 10 mm wider.

4. One of the shower windows was delivered wrong size. So they then left the bathroom door leaning against the bathroom wall for two weeks, while they had a new window manufactured.

5. When they came back with the new window to finish the install, they told us that they just noticed that the door had a big bow in it (maybe from leaning against the wall for two weeks?). They then ordered a new door, which took another week or so.

6. A few days after installation had finally been completed, Stegbar's customer service did the obligatory routine follow up to ask how we would rate their service and if we were happy with the job. I responded in a friendly, cheerful and polite manner (after all, its not the fault of the person phoning you) that I would never use their services again, or recommend them to any of my friends. She was surprised, but thanked me for my honest feedback and promised it would be passed on in order that they could improve.

I never heard from them again.

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Unwilling to honour their 7 year warranty

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 14, 2017

Long story short - Stegbar so called experts blamed me for the rusting corroded shower frame. The old excuse of cleaning products I used - which are only gentle environmentally friendly by the way - and the hard water are to blame.
Trying to find the contact details of someone higher than a sales rep is impossible.
I am now off to Consumer Affairs as it is now costing me $1200 to replace their inferior quality shower. Not cool Stegbar.
I wish I had've seen these reviews before I handed over my hard earned cash. But then again, the clue of their unprofessional attitude should have been when the installer said to me "that's not my job" when I asked him if he was going to clean the fingerprints off the mirrored doors.

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A totally unacceptable excuse from Taren Point showroom

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 09, 2017

We went to Stegbar to inquire about a mix of aluminium windows and cedar windows to renovate our federation home. We asked at the time if the reveals were taken off the window sizes at the time they would be ordered and the sales rep in the showroom at Taren Point advised us that these would be deducted. When the order came, these were ADDED on, so the windows do not fit. Three windows in total. After discussing this with their area manager he advised us that that was stated on the quote and no give or understanding that their staff got it wron g was admitted to. Now we are left with $2,300 worth of windows that cannot be used. And the area manager unprepared to admit any fault but offering a deduction on replacement windows ($700 cheaper)
If you can avoid these people, do so at all costs. They are just not worth doing business with. Totally unhelpful and not worth the stress. I urge anyone to go elsewhere, even if the other suppliers are a little dearer, its worth not having the stress.

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Terrible company to deal with

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 07, 2017

The glass splashback in our kitchen and butler's pantry were done by Stegbar through our builders. They have come out countless times to fix their errors. The splashback behind the rangehood took them 4 goes to get right as they kept cutting it the wrong size and not aligning the holes for the screws properly. And it is still not right, as it doesn't line up with the ceiling evenly. Their solution was to blame my ceiling saying it wasn't straight. We countered by telling them to measure properly and they are now due to replace that splashback, yet again, but I won't hold my breath that they'll get it right. We had issues with many of the panels of the splashback, as they weren't cut to the right size, with gaps everywhere when installed. They still installed them and tried to silicon it all up, which made it look terrible. Honestly, don't ever go with Stegbar. Their customer service is non-existent, their installers don't take any care with their work, and don't clean up afterwards. The last time they came around to fix, I ended up cleaning silicon off my benchtops. And the last issues is they don't deliver on time. The builder we used uses Stegbar, so we has no choice but to have their products in the house. But if you do have a choice, use someone else. Giving them 1 star is being too generous.

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Poor Service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 01, 2017

I emailed to request invoices and the lady from accounts called back claiming that it was our fault for not receiving invoices.
I asked to provided evidences to show they did send through and she gave me funny reason that system takes too long to generate invoices.
That lady has no manners to be honest.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on May 23, 2017

I phoned to organize a quote. I was told they were to busy to take the call and they would call back. I waited 3.5 hours and I phoned again. I was informed the rep in my area made his own appointments and would phone me. I am still waiting, 7 days later. Obviously, I will be going elsewhere. PATHETIC.

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Quick to get your money, slow to provide service

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 21, 2017

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New doors

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 01, 2017

We have just had our French doors and 4 windows replaced by Stegbar. Although the original appointment was slow to happen- when we had the check measure and installation everything was done well. Efficient and friendly installers who cleaned up before they left too. Thx Dean and partner. Our new doors look great! Now we just need to paint...

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DO NOT BUT FROM STEGBAR!!!.....go somewhere else pls!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 20, 2017

We needed some waterproofing done on our 5 year old house which came with Stegbar Glass Shower Screens.....waterproofer needed to remove the shower screens but could not remove Stegbar because Stegbar would not sell anyone, including a customer, the necessary one-use clips needed to reinstall the screens...I spoke to three different shower screen handymen and all three said they could remove and re-install almost any screen EXCEPT Stegbar!!! apparently, they are notorious in the industry, since they just want you to buy a new screen!

I even
asked Stegbar (Brisbane) if I could just pay them for the labor for them to do it themselves....they said no...I had to BUY A $1,300 NEW ONE FROM THEM!!!!!!! what B.S.!!!!!!!!! I hope your greed makes you go bankrupt..

Take your money somewhere else and make sure the screens are the "screw-on" type so they can be easily removed if Brisbane this is necessary since the number complaint for all new houses/ waterproofing, so you need the peace of mind that your screen can easily be reinstalled again if need be.......

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Disgraceful Customer Service, No Care Factor, Just Keep Far Far Away!!! Never Ever Consider Stegbar!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 04, 2017

After having this terrible out of aligned shower screen, water on the floor, dangerous when getting out of the shower for an older person, care factor NONE!! from Stegbar, already sent someone out to adjust, 2 years ago, then told our only option was to pay $160.00 to have a service person adjust it, or purchase a new one, when it is only less than 4 years old, I asked the logical next question, is there a website, to show us then how to fix it ourselves, or surely a printout of instruction, when they verify we are past customer, so we can corr ect this door misalignment that re-occurs CONTINUALLY over time, that means the Stegbars design is FAULTY, so unless you, are prepared to have a badly designed door, on your shower screen, that will need to be regular adjustment every 1 - 2 years and pay $160.00 for the pleasure, on top of this then, you can spend 4 laborious wasted 4 hours of your precious time, on 5 phone calls of approx 20 mins. each, you have no option but to pay a service fee over and over again, as the door works its way open 3-4 inches every year or so, I and you would probably have a more warmer, enjoyable, less drafty shower, than if I never paid $750 for a faulty shower door/screen, no shower screen would maybe would have been better, or a shower curtain, our previous shower screen was in for 21 years NO problems with it, only changed it to match the other bathroom. What has happened to this previously good named, credible company, they don't care if you have to step out on to wet tiles and could break a hip, or that the shower functions to keep you warm and dry, customer service is ZERO, Do not put yourself though the STRESS, Don't even contemplate Stegbar Shower screens.

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Questions & Answers

Does stegbar have a central office that deals with complaints. The recent flooding revealed that they had destroyed flashing when installing the $15000 double glazing

The facts asked on Jan 14, 2017

Answer this

I am afraid I don't know the answer to that. I did not make a formal complaint as they just kept sending the same poor quality installers again and again. In the end I just had to accept poor quality to move on with building. Their installation was delaying many other things I had to get done before Christmas.

I am not at all surprised this happened with you as the quality of their subcontractors is unpredictable to say the least.

They should have a warranty though.
Good luck

They have a customer service manager who can assist here. Also there is an online feedback area on their website you can log a complaint into. The last area is to call the head office in your state and ask for their service department and they will send an employee out not a contractor to inspect the quality of the workmanship and product they supplied.

Hi, Have you resolved your issues with this appalling company. If not, maybe a solicitors letter or contact and follow the advice from Consumer Affairs.

Have a quote from Stegbars for a bifold glassdoor. They want payment in full upfront. Having read the reviews of their work on this site, am I right to be concerned about the quality of the finished product? The cost of approximately $8000 seems high.

Heather asked on Aug 13, 2016

Answer this

They do ask for a massive deposit I think I paid in both cases maybe 85% deposit upfront. The for the very smal job took 3 weeks to make 4 drawers and 4 small shelves.

Quality of the product is good. They just can't deliver in a reasonable timeframe. I would try Trend windows, G James glass. $8000 for a bifold seems very expensive.

This does seem very expensive. I would ask if they can do a better price and maybe get another quote to compare. I would also be very reluctant to pay upfront because even though their quality is good if you have any issues afterwards their customer service is terrible and once you have paid don't expect any help!

See all 4 answers
My door configuration is a single slide screen door and single slide main door opening to a patio. I was wondering if the aluminium sill is hollow underneath and could allow some water drain off to the room below in heavy rain. When the frame was installed I have no idea if any flashing was placed under the sill and the water weep holes were now acting as a water inlet, then dripping below, the measurements taken point to this. Looking upstairs when raining heavy there is no water in the door tracks when the door is in the closed position. The waterproofing is around the sill and balcony is in extremely good condition, the water drips from around the 2 weep holes on the opening side of the door, this is what makes me ask if the sill is hollow underneath. I have contacted the gold coast office of Stegbar, but they cannot provide me with a sample piece of track to look at or even a drawing. I would appreciate any advise.

nivekk asked on Jun 08, 2016

Answer this

hi there the cill on the door is an open section at the bottom and needs to be flashed appropriately to direct any water back out the front. The weep holes are there to drain the water to the front and in high wind times may drain slower and allow water to pool. It really sounds like a flashing issue and water is running under the section the ideal fix is to take the door out and re-install but not sure if this is practical. I am pretty surprised that Stegbar can't get you a drawing a sample piece of cill as all other suppliers certainly would do this. Maybe this is symptomatic of the reviews on this site that they are treating their customers very poorly. I would call the GM of the Gold Coast branch (Scott Sampson) and get him to help you.

Hope this helps.

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