Port Macquarie NSW

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I love it!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 01, 2015

What a comfortable ride. It's zippy enough to get out difficulty if required and gutsy enough for general riding.
I love it, but it's time for it to go to another owner. It's a 2008 model, limited edition, windscreen, fully imported from the US, never been dropped or in an accident. Under 6000 kms, almost new!

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Good all around bike- Badly needs 6th gear

3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 07, 2015

I have owned 2 of the C50 models (a 2007 and a 2012). Both great all around (more city) bikes. I have now purchased a Honda CTX700 (6 gears) and its a wonderful difference. The C50 is good at speeds under 50mph but higher speeds and the vibration translates to the footboards and frame of the bike making a less than desirable ride. (very buzzy)
The C50 is one of my favorite looking bikes but until Suzuki addresses the gearing problem (a taller 5th gear or adds a 6th gear) I will be looking elsewhere.. Ride Safe :-)

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Nice bike but heavy front end

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 27, 2015

Bought my C50SE new in 2009, 14K KLM so far, Nice bike overall. I installed a Baron low profile air cleaner so I could use riding pegs. I find the bike has a heavy front end that shows up when turning corners. It is not as comfortable in turns as other bikes,(been riding 45 years). Overall nice bike. In Canada there is an insurance break for 800cc and under.

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Model: VL800L2

Great Cruiser,well done suzuki

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 29, 2015

2008 model,now have 69,000klms still runs like a dream,servicing myself oil&filter every 7,500 cannot fault this bike has given me great pleasure

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Bloody Beautiful.

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 18, 2015

She has looks, style, solid handling and power. My girl is a 2008 beauty with the blue-silver paintwork that makes heads turn. Her cobra pipes produce an excellent note that gives road presence and commands respect. Hasn't missed a beat. Quality components mean no rust or flimsy bits. She's voluptuous, solid, and comes into her own on the highway, with plenty of power to overtake at speed. Love her!

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Terrible engineering from suzuki

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 20, 2015

After buying my c50 new in 2007 and with only 23000km on clock.I was informed that my engine needed new cam chains and adjusters After seeking second opinion i was told this is a common problem.The heads need to come off just to fit adjusters. The whole execise was going to cost upwards of $3000 The trade in price is $1500 i assume the dealers no of this problem.

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Just bought my second One !!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 11, 2014

Just bought my second C 50 .. all decked out to Cruise.. Footboards.. Batwing fairing Hard case panniers and Top Box.. Mustang seat and engine bars with Highway pegs.. Its all Good!!!

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Glasshouse mountains Qld

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A Gem!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 11, 2014

At 68 I am still enjoying the trills of a fast ride but also appreciate a little comfort,leaning back with my feet forward and my arms nicely streched....At 180cm,the bike fits me perfectly,nimble and yet heavy enough to withstand gusts of winds on the motorway. Frugal and easy to service, willing and allways ready to start on command (FI) she is the perfect Mistress!!

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My third C50

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 08, 2014

Well this is my third C50 this time I bought the C50T the two tone Black and Red model which comes fitted with bags, sissy bar and screen.
I just sold my Harley Dyna Super Glide I don't do big rides anymore (not saying the C50 won't take you around Australia) but for the riding I do these days the C50 is perfect for me, great town bike, great hi-way bike and great to do some touring on, just a great all rounder.

+ Great value for the price, looks fantastic, rides fantastic, almost the perfect bike.

- Can't fault this bike so nothing to say here.

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c50t Great all round

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 02, 2013

I have a two tone 2012 version of the bike. Smooth, powerful, eye catching ang comfortable. I have no dramas keeping up with the 1200cc harleys, with an after market set of Vance&hynes thevoice of my bike is one of authority.
Great bike, regularly get 270km from a tank of fuel. Comfortable even after a four hour trip.
Beautiful looking cruiser and unless you are over 6 foot tall and 120kg or you must have a harley, than this is a great alternative. Can not fault it after 12000 kms...

+ looks, size, comfort, reliability.

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Thanks for your honesty. I own an original US import grandfather of the current model the VS750 in Black of course. A great alternative to HDs sportster in its day. My cruiser turns thirty next yea... read more »

We have now passed 24,ooo km in 18 months with not a hint of trouble. Rear tyre replaced at 16k and front still has about 5k left. Fuel range is easily over 300k, theoretically 330k but I've never run it dry to find out.

I have a 2007 C50 with @33k and do 2 up riding a lot so have around 150 kg's on-board and regularly get 300 plus from the tank. Running Pirelli night dragons and have now got over 20k on them and j... read more »

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Naremburn, sydney

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Transporter - Boulevard C50 ** Best Cruiser for such a less price**

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 13, 2012

I have 15 years of experience in riding motorcycles around the world. Recently 2 years back I have shifted to cruisers from sports bike and the experience was just fantastic and been riding to lot of tours with my fellow boulevard mates.
I even ride to work everyday within city


+ Best Cruiser for such a less price. If cannot afford $25000 on harley davidson and looking for a similar fun then I recommend this is just amazing.

- If it was more heavier, it will bring more stability during high winds on highways.

Purchased at: Action Motorcycles

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Put a screen on her.. she will be Perfect!

I also looked at Harley Davidson and found the Suzuki Boulevard C50T provides the lot without paying anything like Harley prices.

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has anyone had problems with the pinion gears on the final drive inside the engine of a c50 and do you need to strip down the engine to get to them? Thanks Johno

Johno asked on Nov 23, 2015

What are the kw and nm of the new 2015 model please ? Joe

Little Joe asked on Aug 08, 2015

I get a fair bit of engine vibration at about half revs on my 2009 ct 50 does anyone else have the same issues?it is after 90km/hr

Endsmdsn2011 asked on Jul 05, 2015

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