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Suzuki Boulevard C50

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  • Suzuki Boulevard C50
  • Suzuki Boulevard C50
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The Boulevard C50 has the soul of a classic cruiser combined with V-twin performance that gives you a charge every time you twist the throttle.

The Boulevard C50's classic design begins with the flowing lines of its kicked-out front end and pullback handlebars, which perfectly complement its teardrop tank, stepped seat and boldly valanced rear fender. These lines, of course, show off its spacious seating position, which promises a comfortable ride hour after hour.

Down the boulevard or out on the highway, the C50's V-twin powerplant is engineered for pure excitement. With strong low-end and mid-range torque, it accelerates hard from just above idle. Yet, thanks to its advanced engineering, it's incredibly smooth at highway cruising speeds. It's time to discover how good a classic cruiser can be with the Boulevard C50.


  • 805cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 4-valve-per-cylinder, 45-degree V-Twin engine tuned for torque and comfortable riding. The engine's offset crankpins deliver perfectly balanced firing intervals while its liquid-cooling design boosts efficiency and economy.
  • Cutting-edge 3D-mapped digital ignition system and throttle-position sensor enhance the hallmark big V-Twin low-down torque.
  • Fuel injection ensures optimal fuel delivery, great throttle response and maximum power throughout the rpm range.
  • A slick, wide-ratio transmission and low-maintenance shaft drive transmit the engine's power efficiently.
  • Chromed and staggered dual exhaust pipes are tuned for good torque delivery while producing the throaty signature V-Twin rumble.
  • Low, gorgeous leather-grain embossed seat for a perfect kicked-back riding position with swept-back handlebars and footboards for round-town riding and weekend cruising.
  • 33-degree rake front forks with a long 140mm wheel travel.
  • Progressive rear suspension with mono-shock absorber makes riding comfortable while mimicking the traditional rigid-tail look.
  • Deep fenders, over big tyres on spoked wheels, thick chromed fork tubes, long wheelbase, rich paintwork and glittering/shimmering chrome: All are timeless visual statements in the American custom heritage.
  • Multi-reflector headlight for modern appearance.

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Perfect Mid level Cruiser


- Good

posted this on Apr 09, 2014

I had my C 50 all tricked up with Footboards, Heel n Toe gear changer, Windshield , panniers, Top Box , Touring Light Bars, Sat Nav.. etc etc etc ..
Great little tourer.. and fine for around town .. The only area where I wasnt as happy was when riding two up , She was a tad low and kept bottoming out.. maybe I should have stiffened up the suspension .. but my darlings derrier is tender and delicate .
But here it was, a throusand K's a day and the only thing not great was my bum.
Otherwise.. Perfect Cruiser !

+ All the extras made it a great touring bike

- I needed to stiffen up the suspension and the Pillion seat!

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My third C50


- Excellent

posted this on Feb 08, 2014

Well this is my third C50 this time I bought the C50T the two tone Black and Red model which comes fitted with bags, sissy bar and screen.
I just sold my Harley Dyna Super Glide I don't do big rides anymore (not saying the C50 won't take you around Australia) but for the riding I do these days the C50 is perfect for me, great town bike, great hi-way bike and great to do some touring on, just a great all rounder.

+ Great value for the price, looks fantastic, rides fantastic, almost the perfect bike.

- Can't fault this bike so nothing to say here.

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c50t Great all round


- Excellent

posted this on Dec 01, 2013

I have a two tone 2012 version of the bike. Smooth, powerful, eye catching ang comfortable. I have no dramas keeping up with the 1200cc harleys, with an after market set of Vance&hynes thevoice of my bike is one of authority.
Great bike, regularly get 270km from a tank of fuel. Comfortable even after a four hour trip.
Beautiful looking cruiser and unless you are over 6 foot tall and 120kg or you must have a harley, than this is a great alternative. Can not fault it after 12000 kms...

+ looks, size, comfort, reliability.

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Thanks for your honesty. I own an original US import grandfather of the current model the VS750 i... Read more
Trev posted on 26-Mar-2014 report this comment

Excellent Bike


- Excellent

posted this on Jun 04, 2012

Well designed. Easy to maintain. I do all the servicing myself, except for the valve check. Replacement parts are easy to find and with the Clymers maintenance book, it is easy to maintain. It is a reliable bike. I've got 20k miles on it and have not had any problems. There was a recall on the rectifier and the dealer replaced it for free.

It rides and handles well. my only complaint is that it sometimes has a problem shifting into first gear or into neutral. When this occurs, I have t...
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+ Reliable, lots of after market parts (good price), well designed, easy to maintain, looks good, great price ($8000)

- Sometimes difficult to shift into 1st or Neutral.

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Smooth Flowing Down The Road


- Excellent

posted this on Apr 09, 2012

The Suzuki C50 is just the size and height for the average female looking for a nice motorcycle. There is nothing than can take the place of a comfortable bike on a two to three hour spring day ride in the country side. This bike is big and powerful enough to keep up with the crowd and the slick appearance will make people take a second look. I have add some chrome parts, saddlebags, speakers, sissybar, windshield,and more. As you may realize I love my bike.

+ The C50 is a reliable bike. I got a new battery last year but nothing else other than regular maintenace

- Arrrrrre!!!

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Best all round bike i've ever ridden


- Excellent

posted this on Mar 01, 2012

Just racked up 1000 kms and put Suzy in for her first service. This is one bike where you can believe the claims made by the manufacturer. I am 6ft 9inches and weigh 65kg, let me tell you if your dimensions are similar to mine you will love this bike.
I have only ever owned sportsbikes in the past, but have ridden tourers and dirt bikes also over the last 23 years, but had never rode a cruiser before. The C50T was a 40th present for myself, wish i had done cruiser's sooner.
This bike was...
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- Need windshield if doing high speed.

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An absolutely accurate and concise appraisal of the C50. Outstanding value for money - do yourself a favour and buy one.
PDT posted on 03-May-2012 report this comment
I agree.. I have windshield and bags and a top box, also Sat Nav and heated grips ( was spoiled w... Read more
GRUMBLEBUM posted on 24-Dec-2012 report this comment
I'm 6'3" tall and weigh 230lbs. I noted in your review that you said you are 6'9" and 65kg or 1... Read more
mike.feeney.549 posted on 03-Dec-2013 report this comment

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