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Just bought my second One !!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 10, 2014

Just bought my second C 50 .. all decked out to Cruise.. Footboards.. Batwing fairing Hard case panniers and Top Box.. Mustang seat and engine bars with Highway pegs.. Its all Good!!!

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Glasshouse mountains Qld

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A Gem!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 10, 2014

At 68 I am still enjoying the trills of a fast ride but also appreciate a little comfort,leaning back with my feet forward and my arms nicely streched....At 180cm,the bike fits me perfectly,nimble and yet heavy enough to withstand gusts of winds on the motorway. Frugal and easy to service, willing and allways ready to start on command (FI) she is the perfect Mistress!!

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My third C50

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 08, 2014

Well this is my third C50 this time I bought the C50T the two tone Black and Red model which comes fitted with bags, sissy bar and screen.
I just sold my Harley Dyna Super Glide I don't do big rides anymore (not saying the C50 won't take you around Australia) but for the riding I do these days the C50 is perfect for me, great town bike, great hi-way bike and great to do some touring on, just a great all rounder.

+ Great value for the price, looks fantastic, rides fantastic, almost the perfect bike.

- Can't fault this bike so nothing to say here.

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c50t Great all round

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 01, 2013

I have a two tone 2012 version of the bike. Smooth, powerful, eye catching ang comfortable. I have no dramas keeping up with the 1200cc harleys, with an after market set of Vance&hynes thevoice of my bike is one of authority.
Great bike, regularly get 270km from a tank of fuel. Comfortable even after a four hour trip.
Beautiful looking cruiser and unless you are over 6 foot tall and 120kg or you must have a harley, than this is a great alternative. Can not fault it after 12000 kms...

+ looks, size, comfort, reliability.

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Thanks for your honesty. I own an original US import grandfather of the current model the VS750 in Black of course. A great alternative to HDs sportster in its day. My cruiser turns thirty next yea... read more »

We have now passed 24,ooo km in 18 months with not a hint of trouble. Rear tyre replaced at 16k and front still has about 5k left. Fuel range is easily over 300k, theoretically 330k but I've never run it dry to find out.

I have a 2007 C50 with @33k and do 2 up riding a lot so have around 150 kg's on-board and regularly get 300 plus from the tank. Running Pirelli night dragons and have now got over 20k on them and j... read more »

Newbury Park

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Excellent Bike

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 04, 2012

Well designed. Easy to maintain. I do all the servicing myself, except for the valve check. Replacement parts are easy to find and with the Clymers maintenance book, it is easy to maintain. It is a reliable bike. I've got 20k miles on it and have not had any problems. There was a recall on the rectifier and the dealer replaced it for free.

It rides and handles well. my only complaint is that
Read more it sometimes has a problem shifting into first gear or into neutral. When this occurs, I have to roll the bike forward a little. It can be a little jerky in first gear when you let off the throttle a little. Once you get it into second gear or later, there is no jerkiness. Braking is excellent when using both breaks. It has good power for a 800. When going 65+ uphill, you sometimes have downshift into 4th gear. The ride is comfortable. The heel/toe shifter and floorboard really help.

+ Reliable, lots of after market parts (good price), well designed, easy to maintain, looks good, great price ($8000)

- Sometimes difficult to shift into 1st or Neutral.

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Smooth Flowing Down The Road

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 09, 2012

The Suzuki C50 is just the size and height for the average female looking for a nice motorcycle. There is nothing than can take the place of a comfortable bike on a two to three hour spring day ride in the country side. This bike is big and powerful enough to keep up with the crowd and the slick appearance will make people take a second look. I have add some chrome parts, saddlebags, speakers, sissybar, windshield,and more. As you may realize I love my bike.

+ The C50 is a reliable bike. I got a new battery last year but nothing else other than regular maintenace

- Arrrrrre!!!

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Best all round bike i've ever ridden

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 01, 2012

Just racked up 1000 kms and put Suzy in for her first service. This is one bike where you can believe the claims made by the manufacturer. I am 6ft 9inches and weigh 65kg, let me tell you if your dimensions are similar to mine you will love this bike.
I have only ever owned sportsbikes in the past, but have ridden tourers and dirt bikes also over the last 23 years, but had never rode a cruiser
Read more before. The C50T was a 40th present for myself, wish i had done cruiser's sooner.
This bike was cheaper than my previous two bikes, being a ZZR and CBR but much more enjoyable and practical, granted they are different bikes but this is just so much better in most aspects that i must admit i am still surprised.
From the styling, the EFI, low maintenance shaft drive, fuel and gear indicators, ease of self-maintenance, larger than expected corner clearance and overall smoothness and ease of maneuverability this is just an absolute joy to ride.
Only negatives for me are:
1) need a windshield if you are planning on longer range rides over 90km per hour.
2) has more than enough grunt for me given my size, but i reckon some of you would like if it came in 1000cc or 1100cc whilst keeping similar bike dimensions. The C109RT at 1783cc is just way to big for someone my size, i looked like a midget on it, but geez its a lovely looking machine.
For this price it really is ridiculous the quality of bike you are getting, i would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for style, practicality, reliability, performance and don't care about size or badges. If it's the best bike in its range you are after then look no further this is it. I test rode Yamaha V Star 950 and 1100, as well as Kawasaki Vulcan 900. The Kwaka was a nice bike and has similar technology with engine to C50, but for me was let down with gear and fuel gauges, styling and handling a little, but it is a very nice bike to ride. Whatever you do, stay well away from the Yamaha's, those two bikes would have to have been in the top 10 worst bikes i have ever ridden.

- Need windshield if doing high speed.

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An absolutely accurate and concise appraisal of the C50. Outstanding value for money - do yourself a favour and buy one.

I agree.. I have windshield and bags and a top box, also Sat Nav and heated grips ( was spoiled when I had the Beemer) All great accessories for a great little touring bike !@

I'm 6'3" tall and weigh 230lbs. I noted in your review that you said you are 6'9" and 65kg or 143 lbs. I mean no disrespect but are your dimensions as stated accurate? 6'9" is very tall with on... read more »

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she is my beautiful girl

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 21, 2011

just recently renewed my acquaintance with riding after a lapse of 25 years and discovered that this beautiful machine was for me...with a low centre of gravity position, comfortable seat position, enough power to leave a lot of those pretenders still standing when your well on your way, this bike turns heads everywhere i go.. i fitted vance and hines short shots, which makes those harleys sound Read more like tractors, you should try it.., if you want to keep up with the jones, buy a harley, at least you will be saving money on haircuts..

+ gr8 value 4 money, pleasure to ride, very safe and quick at the same time. on performance and looks, leaves most bikes in its class for dead.

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Naremburn, sydney

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Transporter - Boulevard C50 ** Best Cruiser for such a less price**

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 27, 2011

I have 15 years of experience in riding motorcycles around the world. Recently 2 years back I have shifted to cruisers from sports bike and the experience was just fantastic and been riding to lot of tours with my fellow boulevard mates.
I even ride to work everyday within city


+ Best Cruiser for such a less price. If cannot afford $25000 on harley davidson and looking for a similar fun then I recommend this is just amazing.

- If it was more heavier, it will bring more stability during high winds on highways.

Purchased at: Action Motorcycles

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Put a screen on her.. she will be Perfect!

I also looked at Harley Davidson and found the Suzuki Boulevard C50T provides the lot without paying anything like Harley prices.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 26, 2009

best bike ive ever owned, love riding it, looks good ,feels good, sounds good . i love it. wish i had more time to ride it

+ plenty of get up and go , comfortable handles well

- dash ould have more info on it. eg what gear your in , fuel gauge.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 22, 2009

When conducting your value-for-money analysis - think of these points... Power, Price, Comfort & Looks - The Boulevade is a package not to be overlooked. Read more

+ The C50 Boulevade is a smooth easy ride. Powerfull enough to get away from those cagers at the lights and yet not over the top for fuel consumption. I rode a 1500 Intruder for a year, then a 250 Virago for 5 years (Just collecting my pennies). The Boulevade is the gal for me. So many people have commented to me what a neat looking gike it is. I have to agree. The C50 Boulevade is the neatest looking cruiser on the road. I have found the handeling a pleasure whether I am doing 20km or 100km. A greta deal of tourque at any speed. The stanadrd shop pipes are loud enough to give you the "yep - that's my bike" feeling. The Boulevade was not made to rip around corners - it was made to slide through them! Without a doubt, my Boulevade will live forever.

- Damn - This part is hard...... Ok, you got me - I have nothing for this section.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 08, 2009

I,ve had my C50 for 24 months,added some extras but overall i love it.Very comfitable on long rides,when i get on i don't wont to get of just keep riding. Gear change is a dream ,good acceleration throught the gears ample power to do speed limit then some.Definatly a good buy

+ great lookin bike lots of style, gear change smooth.nice power accelleration

- breaks, not as much stopping power as you,d like at times, foot plate ground clearance in cornering

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Questions & Answers

I am 6ft 2" ( 188cm). Weighing 205lbs (93Kg) Any thoughts if this bike will fit me?

Mingaman1 asked on Feb 03, 2015

Answer this

The Bike is capable and comfortable !
Its not the quickest bike on the block , but wont ever let you down as long as there is fuel in the tank!

G'day Mingaman, I am sure you would fit the C50 I weigh more than you but not as tall and the C50 had enough power to pull my weight.

I am 180cm and weight 85kg...not far behind you, mate, and no problem with my c50...power wise she will handle you with plenty to spare...

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I love my 2012 C50. Any suggestions for a sore lower back after an hour so ridding?

Pog62 asked on Jan 19, 2015

Answer this

Hi Pog62..
I use a kidney belt which is always very good at relieving back strains, and I've had a Mustang Comfort seat installed ( for me and the other half)..
a Good Seat .. a Good Belt and a Good woman!
Works for me..
( just dont tel the missus ! LOL!!@!@)

Is there any other size engine bigger then the C50 but smaller then the C109R on the Boulevard?

Bob P. Dziadaszek asked on Nov 09, 2014

Answer this

Yes there is a C 90// ( which is around 1500 cc)
as an aside, I have just bought Another C 50 !! rode back from Adelaide to Sydney over 2 days..
Great Bikes!

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