Is the new ALDI Bladeless Air Purifier Fan better than the Dyson Pure Cool Desk Fan?

Avleen M.
Avleen M.Published on 11 Nov 2020

German retail giant ALDI is releasing a bladeless fan and air purifier, made by the brand Stirling. It's due to go on sale as part of ALDI's Special Buys program this Saturday 18th November, until stocks run out.

With its sleek, nickel-like appearance and cylindrical base, the ALDI Bladeless Air Purifier Fan has no doubt been designed to rival the signature look of a Dyson bladeless fan.

The $149 ALDI offering is certainly affordable, but is it as effective as its Dyson predecessor? We compared the ALDI Stirling Bladeless Air Purifier and fan with the similarly sized Dyson Pure Cool Desk Fan to find out.

Please note that while the Dyson Pure Cool Desk Fan usually retails for $649, it’s on sale at many retailers for $449, as it’s soon to be discontinued.

Battle of the Bladeless Fans

The Dyson Pure Cool Desk Fan, currently on sale for $499.


Bladeless fan technology and Brushless DC Motor

  • ALDI Tick
  • Dyson Tick

If you peer closely at both the ALDI and Dyson's cylindrical bases, you’ll see they have tiny holes on them.

Air is drawn in through these little holes, to pass through a brushless DC motor. Small, unseen blades in the motor then push this air through larger, stationary blades (also hidden in the base). Finally, air is pushed upwards, where it enters a room via the bladeless hoop at the top.

While Dyson invented its bladeless ‘Air Multiplier’ technology in 2009, a number of more affordable brands now sell bladeless fans. This ALDI Bladeless Air Purifier Fan joins an $89 Kmart Bladeless Fan fan among them (however the Kmart model doesn't have a built-in air purifier).

HEPA Air Filter

  • ALDI Tick
  • Dyson Tick

A nifty thing about bladeless fans is that they can accommodate a built-in air purifier. As Dyson proudly proclaims, ‘Cool yourself with purified air. Not dirty air.’

A HEPA filter is included in both the ALDI Bladeless Air Purifier and the Dyson Pure Cool Desk Fan. An advanced method of air purification, HEPA filters use a closely weaved net of fibreglass threads to clean the air. To be classified as ‘HEPA,’ a filter must trap at least 99.95% of airborne pollution – including smoke, dust and pollen. It’s what you’d expect from a Dyson, but for $149 – this is an impressive feature from ALDI.

Oscillating fan

  • ALDI Tick
  • Dyson Tick

Both models have an oscillating function. This means the fan rotates to circulate air more evenly around a space.

The Dyson desk fan can be adjusted to oscillate from 45° to 350° – almost all the way around a room.

The ALDI Bladeless Fan however only has an oscillation range of 80°, which means it targets a much narrower window than the Dyson.

Dyson also has an option to increase airflow through the front of the fan, for personal cooling.

The ALDI model does have a tilt-adjustable head – so you can direct airflow up to 15° closer to the ground or higher up, depending on whether you’re standing or sitting.

Variable air speeds

  • ALDI Tick
  • Dyson Tick

The ALDI Bladeless Fan and Purifier is designed with 9 air speeds, including a ‘Strong’ mode and Sleep mode. Rather than a high number of speed settings, Dyson has an auto-mode, which adjusts the speed according to the air quality of a room. This takes less work to manually adjust the speed.

The Dyson Pure Cool Desk Fan also has a Night-time mode which operates more quietly and gently than daytime settings. A dimmed display also helps you sleep undisturbed.


  • ALDI Tick
  • Dyson Tick

The ALDI fan allows you to set a timer for 1-8 hours, in hourly increments.

The Dyson Pure Cool Desk Fan offers more flexibility when it comes to timers. You can set a timer for any length of time between 15 minutes to 9 hours. This can be helpful if you prefer a quick purification session to deal with cleaning chemicals or cooking odours left floating around in the air.

Smartphone app functionality

  • ALDI Tick
  • Dyson Tick

Both fans can be operated using either an included remote control or by using a smartphone app – the Stirling App or the Dyson Link app. The Stirling App also responds to voice commands from Google Assistant, for added ease of use. (Nice one, ALDI!)

Digital Display

  • ALDI Tick
  • Dyson Tick

Both models feature a digital display, to help with adjusting settings.

So what else does the Dyson have that the ALDI Bladeless Fan doesn’t?

  • Draught-free diffused mode: This means that no air is released from the model during an air purification session at all, and the Dyson can operate independently as an air purifier - without fan mode.

  • Active carbon filter: Along with a HEPA Filter, the Pure Cool Desk is also equipped with an activated carbon filter. These are great for removing VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds, such as gases from cleaning products, paints, and formaldehyde.

  • Built-in filter replacement notifications: When either of the Dyson filters are due for a change, you’ll receive a notification about this on your Dyson’s digital display, or on your smartphone app.

  • Air quality reporting: When you walk into a room with the Dyson Pure Cool Desk Fan operating, it will display air quality levels in real-time, notifying you of particles and gases in the air such as PM2.5, PM10, VOC and NO2.

  • Sensitive Choice approved: The Dyson Pure Cool Desk Fan has the National Asthma Council Australia’s tick of approval, so it’s certified as asthma and allergy friendly.

  • Quiet Mark accreditation: This has been awarded to the Dyson Pure Cool Desk Fan for its use of superbly quiet technology. By comparison, the ALDI Stirling Bladeless Fan operates at 55dB – equivalent to the hum of a household refrigerator.


If you have your heart set on a bladeless fan for cooling and purifying air this summer, the ALDI Stirling Bladeless Air Purifier and Fan has plenty of plus points that put it on a fairly even footing with the Dyson Pure Cool Desk Fan, despite its low price.

However, if you’d prefer the buyer’s satisfaction and houseproud feeling that only a renowned brand can offer, the Dyson is a solid option. It's also equipped with a few extra features that may make it a touch more convenient for daily use. Its current sale price of $499 makes it only $350 more expensive than the ALDI Bladeless Air Purifier Fan. This might make purchasing a Dyson fan a dream that’s now within sights.